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Your profile data and profile listing

The ‘Profile & Brands’ page is where you enter the details of your business that will appear on your composer/publisher profile page. We recommend that you complete the profile content as soon as you set up your store.

1. Click to edit your name and address details (you will be taken to the Settings & Users page):

The company name must be unique in the system and will not accept certain special characters.  The company name is used in your store address (URL). When changed, your store URL will change as well.

2. Go back to the Profile & Brands page and click ‘Upload’ to upload your company logo which should be at least 400px x 400px, preferably square.

Enter your business summary. Make sure to give details of whatever it is that makes your library stand out – niche music styles, extensive collection, Grammy-winning artists, etc.

Enter your license types and pricing (optional). Outline your pricing strategy and note anything that might be particularly attractive to buyers –  blanket licenses, all licenses in perpetuity, etc.

You can choose to hide or show your address and phone number.

3. Click ‘Preview Profile Page’ to view your new profile – e.g.

4. Click ‘Save’ when you’re done.

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