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What is LicenseQuote?

LicenseQuote is an end to end music licensing e-commerce solution which makes it easy for you to license your music from your own website and to keep 100% of the revenues.

  • It’s a hosted online service – no install necessary.
  • You pay a fixed monthly “rent” for the store, regardless of your revenues.
  • You keep 100% of the licensing revenues.
  • It’s the perfect DIY music licensing solution.

LicenseQuote is the ideal solution for starting your own music library. Another way to look at it: LicenseQuote is akin to setting up your own online store. A store that sells music licenses.

How it works in a nutshell

You upload your tracks into your own player and embed the player onto your website. The player can be color customized to match the color scheme of your site.

You are in total control of the license rates. Customers are able to license tracks from your website either automatically using a credit card or PayPal, or via custom negotiation with you.

Your store automatically issues comprehensive license agreements that can be customized to your needs. No need for a lawyer and expensive legal fees.

You can tag your music using your own custom tags which then appear in drop-down menus making it a breeze for customers to quickly find the music they’re looking for.

Customers are able to share tracks, build their own playlists, download preview files and quickly audition multiple versions of tracks (30 sec, alternate mixes, etc.).


LicenseQuote does not take ownership, nor responsibility for your tracks. You are responsible for uploading only tracks you own the rights to or are entitled to those rights by some agreement. An overview of music rights can be found here. For more information please see our Terms of Serivce and Privacy documents.

By default, LicenseQuote works as a non-exclusive storefront for your tracks, but can be used to sell exclusive licenses as well. More info is here.

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