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Verify email at Amazon SES

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a cloud-based email sending service designed to help digital marketers and application developers send marketing, notification, and transactional emails.

LicenseQuote is using Amazon SES to send notification emails to Store users. Because of limitations of the service, it is impossible to use arbitrary email address in the ‘From’ field. Amazon SES blocks any email with unverified value of its ‘From’ field. It only accepts verified email address.

You can verify your email at Amazon SES on the ‘Console Users’ page.

To verify your email at Amazon SES you should click on the ‘Verify Email at Amazon SES’ link. In the ‘Verify Email’ dialog you can see three sections.

1. Email Status Section

Here you can see your email address and its ‘VERIFIED’ or ‘UNVERIFED’. You can always refresh status by clicking on the ‘Refresh Status’ button nearby.

If your email address has verification status ‘VERIFIED’ then you can set ‘Use your verified Email Address in store Emails’ checkbox. Then click on ‘Save’ button to save your settings.

2. Email Verification Section

Here you can start verification process. To verify your email address shown in the section above you have to click on the ‘Verify’ button. Then you will receive ‘Email Address Verification Request’ from ‘Amazon Web Services’. To complete verification you have to go to the URL in the email to confirm that you are authorized to use this email address.

When you need to remove verification from your email just click on the ‘Unverify’ button.

3. Email Checking Section

Sometimes Amazon SES does not allow to send email from certain email address to prevent spam. To make sure that everything works you have to check this by sending test email from your email address. For that you should click on the ‘Check Verified’ button. This forces LicenseQuote to send test email with your verified email address value in the ‘From’ field to the same mailbox.

If Amazon SES cannot send this email then you will receive ‘Delivery Status Notification (Failure)’ email from at your mailbox.

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