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Using Google Analytics and Zapier services

LicenseQuote allows you to use some side services to analyse activity in licensing store on your website and automate your business processes. These are Google Analytics and Zapier. You can find their settings on the ‘Store Settings’ page.

Google Analytics service

This service allows you to track and analyse the user's activity in your licensing store. License Quote sends pageview event to an analytics service every time store user opens your store widget in his browser. Also, pageview event is sent every time the user opens any dialog or switch store tab.

To set up your Google Analytics account, you should click on ‘Setup Google Analytics’ button. In Google Analytics Settings dialog you have to check ‘Use Google Analytics’ check box, put down Analytics tracking code in the text field nearby and click ‘Save’ button.

Zapier service

This service allows you to create Zaps. A Zap is a connection, or integration, between two or more apps that automates your task. A Zap is made of a "trigger" (ex.: When I receive a new email in Gmail...) and an "action" (ex.: ...send me an SMS message). Zaps run automatically to move and manage data without any work on your part.

To set up your Zapier service you should click on ‘Setup Zapier Webhook’ button. In ‘Zapier Service Settings’ dialog, check ‘Use Webhook’ check box, put webhook link in the text field below and click ‘Save’ button.

To get a custom webhook URL you should follow instructions below the text field in the ‘Zapier Service Settings’ dialog.

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