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Using Coupons

A coupon can be an effective marketing tool, as it offers your clients a discount on license purchases.

You can set up multiple coupons to be active at the same time.

To add a coupon, go to the ‘Manage Clients’ page and click the ‘Manage Coupons’ button, then click ‘Add’.

  • Give the coupon a name and click ‘Check’ to make sure the code can be used. Coupons codes must be unique across the system.
  • Define a discount. You can also define a minimum purchase amount for the coupon to be allowed.
  • Set it to be used for a single license and/or blanket license purchase.
  • The ‘Uses Count’ determines how many times the coupon can be used.
  • Define the start and end date.

In our example, this coupon gives a 15% discount for the first 3 single licenses purchased between 1st July and 31st August 2017.

This will now be displayed when you click the ‘Manage Coupons’ button on the ‘Manage Clients’ page.

Check ‘Enable discount coupons’ to activate coupons.

When your customer buys a license during the dates the coupon is active, she will write the coupon name in the coupon box and when she clicks ‘Apply’ the ‘Accepted calculated cost’ will change accordingly.

Note that customers will only know about the coupons if you let them know they are there, and what the codes are!

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