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Uploading files

Files can be uploaded either individually while you are on the ‘Edit Track’ page or in bulk using the ‘Files/Uploads’ page.

To upload files in bulk

Click on the ‘Files/Uploads’ link in the left-hand menu.

Click on the ‘Upload Files’ button.

Choose files or drag and drop them and then click ‘Upload’.

When all the files have been uploaded click ‘Close’. Do not close the window until all files have been uploaded, but you can do other tasks in the main window.

Be sure to read the notes at the bottom of the upload page.

The Export Files List button will export a CSV file with all filenames so you can check that thy are correct and match the filenames in you metadata CSV file.

The Export Unused Files List button does the same but only for files that are not used in any of the tracks (metadata). This is handy for finding errors and omissions.

To upload or assign files while entering meta-data (Add Track page)

To attach audio files to a track (on the Add/Edit Tracks page), click on the ‘Select File’ buttons once for the Master file (usually a WAV or AIF) and once for the Preview file (mp3 only).

You can then choose an already uploaded file or upload a new file right on this dialog.

After uploading or selecting, the file names will appear above the ‘Select File’ buttons. To void mistakes, double check to make sure the file names match the track title.

Note that the track name does not necessarily need to be the same as the file name. Very often it may be that the file name is quite long e.g. ‘S2M_Luca-Tomassini_Bono-Moto.wav’, but the actual track name will only need to be ‘Bono Moto’ so it looks nice and clean in the store.

For a detailed overview of Files and Tracks.

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