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The sold licenses list

The ‘Sold Licenses’ page gives you on overview of all your license store activity.

Here you can view activity for:

  • All Sales
  • Licensing Sales
  • Retail Sales ($0.99 sales)
  • Blanket Downloads (see more info here)
  • Free Demo (Preview) Downloads (see more info here)

Blanket Downloads and Free Demo Downloads will appear with a price of 0.00 as no actual sale is involved. They are listed for tracking purposes only.

Here you can see the ID and date of purchase, together with the customer name and price paid.

Click the ‘Generate License’ button to generate a custom license “manually”. Learn about this option here.

Click View to see the license details. This page is almost identical to the page the customer sees after purchase.

Here you’ll see all the details of the license sold:

  • Track name & artist/composer
  • A summary of the license usage, terms, and price
  • The buyer’s details
  • Project description as entered by the buyer
  • Method of payment

Click the play button next to the track name to hear the licensed track (if you are not sure which track is this).

Click ‘Download Master File’ to download a copy of the master file.

Click ‘Save’ under ‘Licensing Contract’ to download a copy of the contract for this sale.

Click ‘Save’ under ‘Receipt’ to download a copy of the receipt for this sale.

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