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The Advanced Settings and what they do

On the ‘Advanced Settings’ page, you can customize many features of your licensing store. After making any changes make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save’.


Protect Master Files

This is relevant only if you host your files on your own server and link to them. Learn about his here. You can further protect your master files if you put them in a separate folder (not with the preview files) and then set an HTTP username and password on that folder. This can usually be accomplished from your hosting provider’s control panel. You will enter that username and password there and here.

File delivery

You have the option to select what type of file(s) the customer downloads when they:

  • Purchase a license (default - Master)
  • Buy a track for consumer/retail use (default - Master)
  • Download for blanket license (default - Master)
  • Free/demo downloads (default - Preview)

Blanket license download button

This is the text on the download button in your store for customers who have purchased a blanket license or for whom you have enabled ‘Permit unlimited downloads’ on their account.


List your tracks in the Global Store

This will put your tracks on the License Quote global store. This is the store that contains tracks from all libraries that have opted in. It’s another useful way to make your tracks available. It’s not as useful as actively marketing and promoting your own store, but it can send some additional new customers to your store from time to time.

List your business profile on the 'Find Publishers/Composers' page

This will put links to your store on the ‘Find a Composer’ page. Visitors will see links to your publisher profile and your license store.

Link to your business profile from your store

This will place a link to your publisher profile on your store. This can only be enabled if ‘List your business profile’ (above) is also enabled.


Require project description when buying a license

A customer will not be able to continue with her purchase unless she has entered a project description (recommended).

I'm willing to provide other formats of purchased tracks upon request

When this is checked the customer will see the following sentence when he buys a license: ‘If you prefer a different format or an alternative delivery method, please mention that to the publisher in the description field.’

The legal entity licensing music is

This is what will appear on documentation (including licenses) and email correspondence. You can choose your personal name, your library name or both.

The projects/shopping cart option

This selects the wording that you want to appear on the Projects tab in your store.

You would use ‘Store users collect tracks into Shopping Cart’ if you prefer to call it a “Shopping Cart” instead of a “Project”. Opinions vary on this.


Show Language combo in store

Adds a pull-down menu above your store where customers can select a display language. If you want to translate the store to your language, contact us.

Show Lyrics tab in store

Displays a ‘Lyrics’ tab as an additional option to the ‘Description’ and ‘Properties’ tab below the audio player. If you don’t intend to upload lyrics for your tracks, keep this off.

Show total number of tracks in store

Displays the total number of tracks in your store. This does not include any alternative mixes you may have for any of the tracks.

Show track rows utility buttons in store

Displays icons below the track name for fast purchasing of a license, download preview, save to projects folder and sharing.

Show 'Similar Tracks' link in store

When a customer clicks on this link, tracks that have similar tags to the active track are displayed. The logic compares the Tags field for each of the tracks. Tracks having mostly similar tags are considered similar.

Show 'License' buttons in store (if removed the Library still functions as a catalog)

This button enables customers to purchase a license. If this is disabled, customers can only view your library and play your tracks. You might want to do that if you do all your negotiations, payments and agreements offline, or if you use your store for other things besides licensing.

Show contact option to store buyers

Displays a ‘Contact’ link above the store.

Default shown track data in store

Defines the default song data tab displayed to customers below the music player when they first open the store (Description or Properties).

Mobile Settings

  • Show login/registration links (on mobile devices)
  • Show properties on mobile
  • Show lyrics on mobile
  • Show paging mechanism on mobile
  • Enable finger touch scrolling of tracks on mobile

We highly recommend that you check your store on a mobile platform and experiment to clearly see the effect of each of these options.

Other Options

At the bottom of the page you’ll see options to delete:

  • Brands
  • Genres
  • Tags
  • Albums
  • Catalogs

It goes without saying that you need to be very careful with these as they could cause some serious damage to your store. These are here in case you want to delete and replace all gathered metadata. If you delete all tracks, it won’t delete the tags, genres, etc. that were used in the past. Those persist.  That’s why these buttons are here.

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