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Subscribing and managing your subscription

LicenseQuote offers a free plan, that is identical to all the paid plans except that it is limited to 15 tracks and the “Powered by LicenseQuote” line cannot be removed in the free plan.

You can pay monthly or annually. There is no minimum term for the monthly subscriptions, and you can cancel anytime. Yearly plans are generally discounted as you commit to one year in advance.

To keep things simple, plans are differentiated only by the number of tracks you want in your store.

If you need to host more than 4,000 tracks contact us for a quote.

If you have a coupon code insert that into the ‘Optional Coupon’ box. The coupon’s discount will be applied on the next, payment page.

You can subscribe by Credit Card or by using your PayPal account.

The payment pages are provided by our payments providers (PayPal and iCredit), are secure and PCI compliant. For security reasons, we do not store any credit card data ourselves.

Since this is a subscription, PayPal will require you to have a PayPal account so you can track and manage your subscription using it.

When your payment has been cleared, your ‘Subscription’ page will display the plan you have selected, how much you are paying and whether your subscription is monthly or annual.

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time, and the system will make a pro-rated calculation. When you upgrade, you will only be billed for the delta sum, if at all. If you downgrade, your remaining balance will be kept for next billing cycle.

You can cancel your subscription at any time and go back to the Free plan. On any downgrade or subscription cancelation, you will first have to shrink your catalog (delete some of your tracks) in order to fit the new plan limit.

The History link on this page will show all your billing history.

There is a link to Delete your account on this page as well. Be careful, this action cannot be undone.

Features of all plans in a nutshell:

  • Keep 100% of your sales revenue – You only pay for subscription regardless of value of sales
  • Unlimited artists / catalogs / brands – Makes it easy for customers to get to the music they want quickly
  • Link or embed on your own website - Just copy one line of code
  • License price calculator – Does all the math for you!
  • 20+ standard license types – To get you up and running quickly
  • Document and conversation management – All integrated with the license sales process
  • Custom or standard contract – A standard contract to get you started which can be easily modified to your own needs
  • Design customization – To make your store look perfectly integrated with your site
  • Automatic invoicing and online payment collections – It’s all done within the store keeping things clean and tidy
  • Configurable online negotiation mechanisms – It’s easy to negotiate rates with customers without leaving the store
  • International payments collection – You customers can be anywhere in the world
  • Buyers / clients management - Easy to manage and view clients history
  • Advanced sales reports – Complete overview of all download and purchase activity with all client details
  • White label store ("powered by" line required in Free plan) – Will not look like a generic store
  • Customizable rate cards, prices and license types (some limits with Free plan) - You have complete control over the rates you charge
  • Custom, offline billing options – Multiple ways for clients to pay for their licenses
  • Blanket licenses support – Automatically sets up a blanket license for a client
  • Optional listing on LQ publishers catalogs - For extra exposure
  • Optional listing on LQ's Find Music global store - For extra exposure
  • Accept new music submissions – Convenient music upload and review tool for new composer submissions
  • Batch files upload – Can upload multiple audio files
  • Catalog - brands, genres and songs data setup and management – Very easy to manage all your meta-data
  • Customizable catalog meta-data format – Add multiple layers of meta-data for super accurate music search results
  • Professional music player with waveform, mobile friendly – It’s big and really easy to use!
  • Projects / Playlists – Tracks can be easily organized into playlists for specific projects
  • API integration with your site / catalog –  Can help you make a really impressive music search and license purchase experience
  • Fast, friendly customer service & tech support – Which is just want you want!

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