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Submissions overview and configuration

The submissions page allows songwriters/composers to submit music to you for review and possible inclusion in your catalog.

This is how the submission page looks to your potential submitters. They are asked to submit both files and metadata.

To embed the submissions form on your site, copy the embed code from the bottom of the ‘Submissions’ page. The way to do it is the same as embedding your store.

Submission Settings

Click the ‘Manage Settings’ button …

… to reveal submission settings:

  • Enable to add new artist.
  • Choose which types of master files can be submitted.
  • Limit the number of uploads per submitter until you review them. Note that these are counted towards your plan limit. If you set this to any value other than 10 you should also edit the ‘Intro’ text in the agreement. (See below in the ‘Edit Agreement’)
  • Configure which one of fields to show and if it is optional or required.
  • Configure which custom fields to show and which control to use as its input (text box, combo box with single or multiple selection). NOTE: Multiple selection is available for tag fields only.

Add New Artist

LicenseQuote allows publisher to enable/disable to add new artist name by submitter (see in ‘Submission Settings’ above). To add new artist name (if enabled) you can click on the ‘Add New Artist...’ item in the artist combo box.

Then type the artist name you need in the text box and click on the ‘Add’ button.

Edit Agreement

Click on the ‘Edit Agreement’ button to edit the submitter agreement.

  • Optionally edit the intro text that submitters see on the submissions page. Make sure that the number of tracks noted in the Intro corresponds to the ‘Limit value’ in the ‘Submission Settings’ above.
  • Add a customized note for accepting a track (sent to the submitter by email).
  • Add a customized note for declining a track (sent to the submitter by email).


When tracks have been submitted, you can review them, and either accept or decline them.

After listening to a track click ‘Review’.

Here you can see the meta-data. You may also edit any of the submitted meta-data before (or after) you accept it.

Decide what action to take:

Accept – Show in store

Will send an acceptance email to the submitter and put the track into the store.

Accept – Finish later

Will send an acceptance email to the submitter and save any meta-data changes.

Decline – Delete

Will send a decline email and delete the file (and metadata).

Other Options

  • Delete an individual submission by highlighting it and clicking ‘Delete’, or delete all submissions by clicking ‘Delete All’.
  • Click ‘Download’ to download the master file for a submission before accepting or declining/deleting it.
  • Click ‘Agreement’ to download a pdf copy of the agreement with the submitter.
  • Click on the ‘Manage Submitters’ button for an overview of all submissions:

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