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Recurrent blanket licenses sale

Recurrent blanket licenses allow a customer to have unlimited access to tracks in your library by subscription.

Since LicenseQuote allows recurrent blanket license sales with stripe payment only, before you can set up your recurring sales, you have to go to the ‘Billing Options’ page and set up the ‘Stripe payment service’.

To set up your recurrent blanket license rate card go to the ‘Rate Cards’ page and click on the ‘Blanket Recurrent’ rate card. Click Edit to edit the card.

Select if you want to use the price negotiation feature and/or the automated price calculator.

Click ‘Turn blanket licenses sales ON’ and if you would like a ‘Buy Blanket License’ link to appear above your store click the box. Optionally, click ‘Edit’ to edit the blanket license rate card.

Then when the customer wants to subscribe to recurrent blanket license, he will click on the link above the store.

And then select the the required details. In the case below the license is a 1 month subscription ($140 per each month) for 6 months for TV & Radio Programs with a limit of 1,000 downloads per month. If you have enabled ‘Request clearance, price quotes and negotiate online’ then she will have the option to negotiate the rate. If there is a coupon offer available she can also add the coupon code.

When a customer buys a blanket license from you, their account will automatically have the ‘Permit Unlimited Downloads’ feature enabled, and details of the blanket license will appear in their account details on the ‘Manage Clients’ page. Note that if you need to cancel the blanket license, you can do so by clicking the link on this page. To review subscription payments click on the link above the cancel one.

It is advisable to speak with anyone who wants to purchase a blanket license from you, to make sure they clearly understand the limits and terms of the license. Remember that you are giving them unlimited access to your music and there is always the potential that could be abused.

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