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Manually generating a music license for someone

You may from time to time want to generate a license manually. For example, you might have discussed a rate for a track that is not the standard rate, or perhaps a client has paid you in cash.

Go to the ‘Sold Licenses’ page and click on the ‘Generate License’ button.

Add the information you need for the license.

  1. Select the track from the pull-down menu.
  2. Select the rate card and license type and any other parameters.
  3. Write a description of the project.
  4. The price will be entered according to the rate card rates. You can, however, edit the price and enter a custom rate.
  5. Select the buyer. Any details that are already stored will be automatically entered. You will need to enter the other details manually. If the buyer has not registered with you just enter his details here.
  6. Add any additional info in the box at the bottom and click ‘Generate’.

You will then see the issued license page:

You can download a copy of the Master and Preview files, and download copies of the licensing contract and receipt. If the buyer is registered with your store, he will be able to click on the ‘Licenses’ tab in the store, when he is logged in, and download the master files, licensing contract and receipt. If the buyer is not registered with you, you will need to send him the master file manually.

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