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Manage your clients

To manage your store clients click on ‘Manage Clients’ in the left-hand menu.

This will show a list of the customers who have registered with your store.


This displays whether your customer’s account is enabled for unlimited downloads. This would be the case if they had purchased a blanket license.


Displays the number of tracks purchased (left) and downloaded (right).


Displays the number of coupons the customer has used


You can block or hide a user by clicking on the block/hide link. Blocking will mean that they won’t be able to login with the details that they registered with. You cannot completely delete customers as we try to maintain a paper trail for each and every inquiry and transaction, which are tied to the client records.


When you click on ‘manage’ you’ll see a dialog with the clients’ details.

Email confirmed

See ‘Store Registration Options’ below.

Permit unlimited downloads

Turn this on if a customer has purchased a blanket license from you outside of LicenseQuote or if you have another special arrangement with this client. This will allow them unlimited access to the master files in your store.

Send invitation

This will send an invite to the user inviting them to visit the store. The email will include login and password.

Add Client

You can manually add a client and then send them an invitation to the store. This can be helpful in getting a client registered with you as they need to do less work to get access.

Click the ‘Add’ button, and a dialog box will appear.

Complete the details and click ‘Save & Invite’. You’ll then be able to customize the invitation before sending it. The email the client receives will contain a login and a password. You can click ‘Save’ if you’d prefer to do this later.

Manage Coupons

This is a great feature that allows you to offer a purchase incentive to your clients.

To add a coupon click ‘Manage Coupons’ then click ‘Add’…

  • Give the coupon a name and click ‘Check’ to make sure the code is not taken. The codes must be unique in the system.
  • Define a discount. You can also set a minimum amount for the discount to work (e.g. 15% off a purchase of $100 or more).
  • Define whether it’s intended as a license purchase or blanket license purchase coupon (or both).
  • The ‘Uses Count’ determines how many times the coupon can be used by an individual client. Set to a high number if you don’t want to limit this.
  • Define the start and end date for the coupon’s activity period.

The coupon in the screenshot gives a 15% discount for the first 3 single licenses purchased between 1st July and 31st August 2017. This will now be listed when you click the ‘Manage Coupons’ button on the ‘Manage Clients’ page.

Check ‘Enable discount coupons’ checkbox to activate the coupons option for your clients.

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