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Linking to Files

Instead of uploading your files to our LicenseQuote server, you may prefer to host your files on your own server (e.g. Amazon S3, GoDaddy, etc.). This option is intended for large catalogs that already have their files hosted somewhere so that they won’t have to re-upload all the files to LicenseQuote. This option is discouraged for catalogs of 1000 tracks or less because it’s more complicated, error prone and requires a certain degree of tech knowhow. Furthermore, play and download speed might be slower (for your customers) when using this option.  For larger (than 1000 tracks) catalogs we also offer a discount for not hosting the files with us.

To use these files in your store, the complete URL will need to be referenced. To enter the URL, click the ‘Link to File’ button and the link box will open. Enter the URLs for the Master File and the Preview file. The URL must start with HTTP or HTTPS.

Note that “cloud” services such as DropBox, Box, Live, Drive, SoundCloud, and others, won’t work (!). This is because they do not provide direct access to the files, instead, they provide access to HTML (web) pages where you can see or play the song.  Our store’s player won’t be able to play or download the tracks from such places, as they were not intended for such purpose (on the contrary, it’s usually frowned upon).

Using this method, the Preview Files must be “visible” and accessible to anyone on the internet. This must be so, in order for customers to be able to play/preview them. That’s how Internet technology works and is no different for any other service.

Master Files, on the other hand, can and should be protected. You can place them in a different folder, and HTTP password protects that folder. Contact your hosting company or IT person for instructions on how to set that up (it’s not complicated). You would then enter the username/password for accessing the master files folder in the LicenseQuote Advanced Settings page. Only LicenseQuote will access the files and customers will never see direct links to the files. They will be protected and downloaded through LicenseQuote and then to the customer downloading them.

If you’re using a CSV file, you will enter this info into the ‘Master File’ and ‘Preview File’ fields instead of just filenames otherwise.

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