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License purchase with offline billing

Some of the payment options available to you and that you can enable in your store are “offline” by nature, such as pay by check, wire transfer, and other offline payment methods.

If a customer wants to pay off-line they can select it when they go through the check-out process (assuming you enabled such methods).

This customer has chosen to pay by ‘Check by Mail’

When he selects it from the pull-down menu, the details that you entered for that option on the ‘Billing Options’ page will appear.

When he clicks ‘Purchase’ he will see a dialog box asking him to send payment and letting him know that when payment is accepted, he will able to download the files and the agreement.

Meanwhile, you will receive an email of the pending purchase, instructing you to go to the ‘License Inquiries’ page when you receive payment.

When you go to your License Inquiries page, you’ll see the purchase there.

Click on ‘Payment Received?’ to reveal a dialog box.

You can leave a note for yourself and come back to it later (click ‘No, just save note’), or if you have already received payment, click on ‘Yes, Payment Received’. The buyer will then receive an email with a link that will send him to a page on your store where he will be able to download the master file, licensing contract and receipt.


Bear in mind that you will need to be able to receive the check and process the sale in a timely manner as the customer will expect.

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