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Importing and Exporting clients

You can Export and Import your store users from and to your client's list. Exporting clients is used for backup as well as to send them email promotions from any 3-rd party mailing list or CRM services such as MailChimp, HubSpot CRM or the like.


To export clients go to the Manage Clients page and click on ‘Export’.

The exported file will be in .csv format and is useful for getting an overview of all your clients and their activity. It will show you all the contact details that you have defined in ‘Store Registration Options’ as well as whether the client is blocked or hidden, the number of downloads and purchases they have made, and if they have a blanket license.


To import new clients, first export the existing client list. This will be in .csv format, and you’ll use it as a template to make sure that you have all the required information as defined in ‘Store Registration Options’. Keep the column header names for each column and delete all the other data. Then add your new user information in the relevant fields carefully, as it cannot be edited once it is imported.

On uploading, you’ll be given the option to send an invitation to all new users that you have just uploaded. This will send an email invitation to your store with login details to the new users.

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