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How to setup a music licensing store with LicenseQuote?

Setting up a licensing store with License Quote is quite simple. Please follow the 7 steps below to setup your LicenseQuote store and get an overview of the way the store works, and how you can get the best out of it.

  1. You can become familiar with the concepts of files, tracks and meta-data.
  2. Think about structuring your brands. This is the way that your library will be organized in terms of Catalogs, Albums, and Artists.
  3. Now add your songs’ meta-data and audio files. You can filter which tracks you view and enable or disable them for display in your store.
  4. Don’t forget to set up your billing options.
  5. Let’s get your new store onto your website. Copy and paste the embed code.
  6. Here’s how to make it look nice by customizing the look and feel. We have comprehensive color and style options to have the store match your website.
  7. Add your profile data so that prospective customers can get a quick overview of what your library is all about.

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