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Do you need a website?

It is certainly advisable to post your store on/in a website. Most importantly a URL with the same name as the business is advised in order to be taken seriously. But it is not mandatory, you can use the store in its default place under the LicenseQuote address. See here.

LicenseQuote will work with any website hosting or creation solution as long as it allows the embedding of JavaScript code on the website pages. You can ask their customer support for this.

WordPress sites are a great place to start, there is a massive selection of first-rate free templates available, and it’s easy to manage. It’s possible to run a WordPress website very cheaply with many web hosting companies (just search for “WordPress hosting”). The License Quote store can be easily embedded into a WordPress site.

If you intend to market and promote your library, then a website is a highly recommended. Pages such as About us, Samples of work, Pricing, FAQ, Explanation of Licenses, Blog, as well as social media links will all serve to give your library authenticity and engage customer interest.

Known Issues with some providers


Wix works fine with LicenseQuote stores except for one minor thing. If you share a link to your store, when clicked, that link will take the user to your store at its LicenseQuote address instead of your store at your website address. This seems to be because Wix is filtering out our URL parameters and not passing them on.

Please report any issues to us so we can try and help you or update this page.

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