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Customizing your Store's look and feel, and other settings

There are some customizations you can use to get your site looking and feeling just how you want it. These can be found on the ‘Store Settings’ page.

Store Settings

  1. ‘Hide store header’ hides the store header, including the logo, top left-hand links - 'Store Name | Site | Contact’
  2. ‘Hide Login and Registration links’ hides the top right-hand links – Login Name / Logout. This means that your clients will be prompted to sign-up or login only when they perform an action that requires that. Hiding this is not recommended.
  3. ‘Title’ ads a customized textual title above the left-hand links.
  4. You can upload your own Logo/brand. If you have put your site title in the 'Title' box you may need to use  'Logo left offset' (below) to position your logo. It's probably cleaner to use either a logo or a title.
  5. ‘Header Height’ – Controls the overall height of the header. Use a number – e.g. 100
  6. ‘Logo offset’ – If you have uploaded a logo use these to position it in the header. Use a number – e.g. 150
  7. Set the number of tracks you want to display per page in your store. This affects the height of your store (in pixels). You might need to change the HTML code of your website page, that holds the store after you make a change here.
  8. Choose the default language for new users. If your language is missing, you can help yourself and us and translate the store to your language. Contact us, and we’ll help.
  9. There are 3 types of tracks/pages navigation for your store. Experiment with these to see which gives the best feel for your store. This is pretty subjective.

Make sure to click ‘Save’ after you make any changes.

Change Store Filters

Click ‘Change Store Filters’ to open the Store Filter Settings. This is where you define how your filters look and work.

In the first section, you can select which of the standard pull-down menus you want to appear in your store. You also have the option to change the text label for the Tags and Copyright filters (some use them for other purposes than the default ones).

Next, you can define how many Genre/Subgenre sets you want to use in your metadata. This can be between 1 and 6.

The ‘Default Store Sorting’ allows you to select how your tracks are sorted by default. The only one of these you have direct control over is ‘Featured’. Click for an explanation of how Featured tracks work.

The last section lets you select which sort options are displayed in the ‘Sort’ pull-down menu for your clients to choose. If none of these are selected the menu will not appear, and the store will just be always sorted by the ‘Default Store Sorting’ that you set above.

Customizing store colors

There are plenty of color options to customize your store:




Misc. Display


You can choose to use standard fonts or Google Web Fonts. If you use Google Fonts, make sure you enter the name exactly as it is written and note that it is case-sensitive.

Button/Tabs appearance

If you prefer a flat look to your tabs and buttons uncheck the boxes. The buttons can be given round corners by adjusting the ‘Corner radius’. The default is 4px which gives the tabs a slightly rounded corner. Use 0px if you want a square corner.

Custom CSS

The store can be further customized by the use of Custom CSS. This is only advisable if you have experience with CCS/HTML. For more details see this article.

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