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Creating Projects/Playlists and sharing or sending them

You can save track playlists to Project folders for specific projects you’re working on (can be configured to be called “Shopping Carts”). You can have unlimited project folders and any number of tracks in each folder. This feature is first and foremost intended for your store customers, but you can also easily create and share them on social networks or send them via email to people working with you on a project, to get quick feedback on track selections.

To add a track to a ‘Projects’ folder click on the ‘Save’ button, or Save icon (if you have it enabled in Advanced Settings).

You can save a song to the default ‘Favorites’ project. If you have an existing Project folder that you want to put the track into, select from the ‘Existing project’ pull down menu. Otherwise, you can create a new Project folder by clicking on ‘Create new project’, typing the project name, and clicking ‘Save Song’.

To view your Projects, click on the ‘Projects’ tab.

You’ll see your project folders there:

You can play any track, delete a track from a project folder, download all tracks in a project (MP3 preview files, if the Demo/Download feature is enabled in the Rate-Card) and share the tracks. If a ‘Blanket License’ is enabled for the logged in user, there will also be an additional button marked ‘Blanket Download’ which allows the customer to download all the master files of the tracks in the project/playlist.

Click the ‘Share’ button to reveal a dialog box. You can share either individual tracks or entire Projects/Playlists.

By default, a share link appears. You can copy and paste this into an email. It’s quite a long link so you might want to shorten it with something like

Click the ‘Email’ tab to send an email without leaving the store:

Click on the ‘Social Networks’ tab to share. Click ‘More’ to reveal more!

Note that anyone receiving a link to a Project folder does not need to be logged into the store to view it.

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