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Catalogs, Albums, and Artists

You can organize your collection by Catalog, Album and Artist. These are optional but can be a big help in organizing your library.

These are defined on the ‘Profile & Brands’ page:

Typically, you might use the ‘Catalog’ field if you manage several libraries, brands or catalogs. Another option is to use it for grouping albums by genre, (such as Production, Pop, Cinematic, Electronica) in the same way that CDs are grouped in a store.

The artist field would be the name that the artist is known by, by the general public. This can be but is not necessarily the same as the composer of the track, which is why your LicenseQuote store has a separate field for the composer in the track’s metadata.

The first artist is the default and can't be deleted, but you can edit it.

When you’re manually entering track meta-data, you can select the Catalogs, Albums and Artists from the pull-down menus.

Add/Edit track meta-data.

These will then appear as pull-down menus (filters) on your licensing store:

As with all menus in your licensing store you can choose to show or hide any of these menus individually.

Customizing your store.

You can also enter and import this data using a csv file. Importing metadata.

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