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API and Integration Overview

You can generate links for almost any function in your store. These can be used on your website to significantly enhance your customers experience by giving them fast access to your store’s functions. Effective use of these can really make your store stand out, so it’s worth spending time understanding how they work and experimenting with them. API URLs (commands) can also be sent to customers, so for example they could listen to a track in your store just by clicking an API link in an email.

The API and Integration page:

It’s very important to make sure that you enter the URL of the page on your site on which your store is embedded. More about that here.

You can generate the following using the API codes:

  • Links – This is a link going to a specific area of your site. You could send this code in an email to a customer to take him directly to the check out for a particular track, or to play a particular track. You could also send him a link to register on your store, or purchase a blanket license.
  • Buttons that load on the same page – Use this to generate buttons that will for example list all tracks matching a certain tag, or that are from a specific album. You would use this only on the page that your store is embedded on.
  • Buttons that launch a new page – Similar to the previous button, but you would use this code on pages, other that the page on which your store is embedded, and it will direct the user to your store page.
  • iframe embed code – Use this to generate code to embed an iframe of a particular store function, for example you might want to have a page dedicated to a specific album, so you could use this to generate a store that loads with just the tracks from that album.

Types of code:

  1. License a specific track – Goes directly to the license purchase page of a track. Select the track you want to use from the pull-down menu.
  2. Buy a specific track – Goes directly to PayPal to complete the purchase. This would be for a consumer/retail purchase of a track for personal use ($0.99 purchase). This cannot be used unless ‘Buy Tracks’ is turned on, on your ‘Rate Card’ page.
  3. List all tracks matching a certain tag – Select tags your previously used, from the pull-down menu.
  4. List all tracks matching a certain catalog/album/artist – This will list specific tracks from a specific Catalog, Album or Artist. Note that this only applies to one of these at a time. When you select from any of the pull-down menus, the other two menus are disabled.
  5. List all tracks matching a certain genre – Select either genre, or genre and subgenre.
  6. List all tracks matching a certain custom field - This relates to any custom fields you have set up in ‘Tracks/Songs’ > ‘Configure’. The first pull-down menu selects the title of the field and the second selects the field entry. Besides the obvious uses, this is very useful when combining with hidden custom field. The customer won’t see the field in the store but you can still display tracks having some value in some custom field
  7. List all tracks matching a certain keyword – This will search all fields for matching keywords, including catalog, album, artist, track name, composer, publisher, description, lyrics, tags, genres, subgenres, type, source, and any custom fields you have defined. Use “ ” to enclose phrases. This is the most versatile and commonly used API command.
  8. List purchased licenses and ongoing negotiations – Takes a customer to his licenses page (Licenses tab).
  9. Open contact dialog – Opens the ‘Contact Us’ page for your store.
  10. User registration – Takes the user to the user registration dialog box in your store. This is useful if you want to place a Registration link on your website, outside the store.
  11. User Login - Takes the user to the user login dialog box in your store. This is useful if you want to place a Login link on your website, outside the store.
  12. Publisher contact – Provides a Contact dialog outside of the context of the store.
  13. Blanket license – Takes customer to the blanket license purchase page. If you did not enable the Show Blanked License link in your store, this link is the only way to sell blanket licenses.

You can see all of these implemented in a live demo (

Download the source code for this demo demo (

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