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Selecting the right plan to fit your needs
After signing up, you can evaluate all the features including uploading master and preview audio files or linking to them (on your server or other storage site) to see which plan will best fit your catalog and store needs.
Getting the most from your hosted storage plan
If you’ve selected a plan with audio files hosting included, you’ll have a number of options and flexibility to maximize your catalog’s presentation in your licensing store. This article covers the basics and shares some additional tips & tricks.
Managing your collection options
There are several ways you can collect payments from your clients from your store. You can collect directly into your own PayPal account, receive a check (by mail), wire or a custom payment method. We’ll review the four options available to you on your Billing Options page in your publisher account.
Applying a rate card to your tracks
This article introduces you to the setting options on the Edit Track page where you’ll enter the data for each song’s tracks, and the Rate Card page where you can customize the Default Profile or create new profiles by clicking the “Create New Profile” button.
Standard and custom pricing FAQs
On the Rate Cards page in your publisher account, you can access the complete set of standard license types with default descriptions and pricing. This article answers frequently asked questions about adjusting your pricing and customizing your rate card(s) as needed.
Organizing your production music catalog
This article contributed by Andrew Aversa, award winning composer, provides a great intro on how to best organize your catalog and store. Topics covered include: preparing the audio files, use of a spreadsheet, song titles, descriptions, genres, tags and other tips that will help you organize and sell your music.
Mixes (alternative versions of recorded tracks)
For publishers with catalogs that have a number of mixes (or alternative versions) of their main tracks, our new ‘Mixes’ feature gives them an option to have them grouped together with each of their main tracks. This article explains how this feature works and how to set it up for your catalog and licensing store needs.
Managing your licensing inquiries beyond the automated calculations
This article covers some basic and advanced options to help you manage the licensing inquiries you’ll receive from music buyers who have logged in to your LicenseQuote powered store. The article also discusses adding additional rate cards and some handy tips to get started.
Music license categories and types
This article sorts and presents our standard license types (and a few suggested custom license types) in unique categories. This list provides a general introduction and overview of the many music license types which are commonly used in everyday licensing inquiries, negotiations and sales transactions.
Sheet music rate card - setup tutorial
This article shows you the basics of setting up a ‘Sheet Music’ Rate Card in your LicenseQuote account. This enables you to offer sheet music download sales from any LQ plan regardless if audio files storage (hosting) is included or not. Since most online sheet music is typically sold in PDF format, you will be linking to your sheet music files on your server or any 3rd party storage hosting solution you prefer, which we’ll demonstrate in this tutorial.
Submissions - feature for publishers to review artist/composer song submissions
This article provides an overview of the Submissions feature which lets music publishers and library owners review and accept artist, producer and/or composer song submissions to their licensing store. We discuss how it works and offer tips to get publishers started with this handy catalog growth management feature.
Music Publishing and Licensing Terminology
This handy list of over 50 key terms will gives new publishers (the licensors) as well as licensing buyers (the licensees) an overview of the most common business, legal and copyright terminology used in the music and media industry. Use this section to understand the basic "nuts & bolts" of the licensing business.
LicenseQuote Standard License Types
Take a moment to learn how you can license your catalog. You could let people use your music for audio projects, recordings, films, videos, advertising, television and many other things. All of these license types come standard in your music licensing store profile, and you can also create custom licenses for just about anything.
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