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Mysterious ( Dance Pop )
Artist: Ken Wank
Edgy, mysterious, cool, uptempo pop song about a girl who likes a guy because he's mysterious and hard to get. License

New Boy On The Block
Artist: Ken Wank
Happy, feel-good, upbeat pop love song about a girl who is in love with the new boy on the block. License

Lost World
Artist: Igge Scoce
Dark tension orchestra and textures reflecting barren landscapes, dead planet or lost world. Great for any dark tension reflections, adventure, mystery drama and sci fi. ( also see Lost At Sea ) License

Epic War Drums #1
Artist: Igge Scoce
Marching War Drums: epic dynamic drums reflecting anything military, patriotic or war. In three parts, very easy to cut, edit and loop. Great for various cinematic backgrounds and use. Battle field, marching, battle preperation or political reflectins. License

BACH - Goldberg Variation 1
Artist: Igge Scoce
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Classical Piano and Clavichord piece of Johann Sebastian Bach. Goldberg Variation 1. Great for various moods and reflections. Performed by Igge Scoce License

Small Town Mystery
Artist: Igge Scoce
Enigmatic theme of piano, dolceola and celeste on soft paceful rhytm and bass and strings. Main theme, background or underscore for dramatic reflections, mystery, crime, action thriller or dark romantic. Works great for both modern reflections as well as vintage retro romantic movement and scenery such as Ripleys Game etc. ( click ''mixes'' for other versions ) License

Artist: Igge Scoce
Elegant reflective piano theme with strings and bass. Great for drama, mystery, fairytale storytelling and romantic backdrops. For various cinematic use. ( also see Mystagog ) License

Epic Adventure Trailer #2
Artist: Igge Scoce
Composer: Igge Scoce
CINEMATIC TRAILER: Big dynamic orchestra, strings and cinematic drums in four parts: 1: Big Impact Intro - 2: Main Theme - 3: Tension Bridge - 4: Intense Climb and Ending. Easy to cut edit and loop to your liking. ''Teasers'' and ''Shorter Trailers'' etc. ( NOTE: Mastered for maximum dynamic headroom - no loudness added ) License

New Force
Artist: Gian Marco
Dark mood with brass, drums, strings and soundascapes License

Game Is Over
Artist: Gian Marco
Tension drama ideal for dark suspense dramatic backgrounds License