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Battle At Sea
Artist: Igge Scoce
Composer: Igge Scoce
Epic Action Adventure: big dynamic orchestra reflecting mutiny, epic battle or conflict. Great for various reflections on action adventure, modern warfare or any historic relevance ( click ''mixes'' to hear alt version. A bit lighter texture mix. ) License

Artist: Gian Marco
Emotional cinematic drama contemporary track with piano and strings. License

The Aquanaut
Artist: Andreas Zenn
Composer: Andreas Zenn
Full Version: Pulsating flowing vintage electronic theme. Lite suspense and anticipation. Perfect for Traveling or Movement. Also see the other version. License

JAWS Alike
Artist: Igge Scoce
Orchestral Jaws-alike movie theme. A soundalike with orchestral effects and percussion. Excellent for TV spots or referrals to sharks, dramatic parody or in fact JAWS and Horror. This version has an extended intro - Full Orchestra ! License

Grand Himalaya
Artist: Igge Scoce
Epic Cinematic reflecting Himalaya or caravan in Indo Asia. Dynamic & rich in cinematic texture. Orchestral, indian flutes, female chants on medium ethno rythm. Great as underscore or travel documentary music. Also see ''Into India'' which has a different treatment ! License

Adrift In Time
Artist: Igge Scoce
Composer: Igge Scoce (STIM/NCB)
Publisher: Soundtrack Bay
Reflective Underscore: Reflective piece of musical textures, piano and warm strings. Suitable for various cinematic use. Background music, filmscore, underscore etc. License

Cape Horn
Artist: Igge Scoce
Composer: Igge Scoce
Epic drama theme: Dynamic hollywood Orchestra building up from calm to uplifting finale. Reflecting Armada fleet of ships approaching and rounding Cape Horn. Great for various cinematic use. License

Artist: Igge Scoce
Modern Filmcue reflecting busy action or suspenseful adventure. Driving build up to chase action. Power drums, percussion, strings, brass and SFX. Various soundscore midpart & hectic chase finale. License

Artist: Igge Scoce
Publisher: Soundtrack Bay
Background long underscore in various parts, climbing up to climactic finale. Great for longer dynamic segments and reflections on Africa or ethnic storytelling. Documentary underscore. ( Also see Kilimanjaro ) License

Artist: Michele Vanni
Eerie ambient loop build an atmosphere of subtle tension and expectation supported by a smooth bass line. For your Forensic lab scene or science and research project. License