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The Aquanaut
Artist: Andreas Zenn
Composer: Andreas Zenn
Full Version: Pulsating flowing vintage electronic theme. Lite suspense and anticipation. Perfect for Traveling or Movement. Also see the other version. License

JAWS Alike
Artist: Igge Scoce
Orchestral Jaws-alike movie theme. A soundalike with orchestral effects and percussion. Excellent for TV spots or referrals to sharks, dramatic parody or in fact JAWS and Horror. This version has an extended intro - Full Orchestra ! License

Grand Finale
Artist: Igge Scoce
Dynamic Orchestra & Choir: Suitable for Closing Scenes, Epic Finales or Epic Underscore. Orchestra, drums, female chants and choir. Also see ''Cinematic Finale'' and ''Aftermath'' which are based on the same theme. License

Adrift In Time
Artist: Igge Scoce
Composer: Igge Scoce (STIM/NCB)
Publisher: Soundtrack Bay
Reflective Underscore: Reflective piece of musical textures, piano and warm strings. Suitable for various cinematic use. Background music, filmscore, underscore etc. License

Cape Horn
Artist: Igge Scoce
Composer: Igge Scoce
Epic drama theme: Dynamic hollywood Orchestra building up from calm to uplifting finale. Reflecting Armada fleet of ships approaching and rounding Cape Horn. Great for various cinematic use. License

Artist: Igge Scoce
Modern Filmcue reflecting busy action or suspenseful adventure. Driving build up to chase action. Power drums, percussion, strings, brass and SFX. Various soundscore midpart & hectic chase finale. License

Artist: Igge Scoce
Publisher: Soundtrack Bay
Background long underscore in various parts, climbing up to climactic finale. Great for longer dynamic segments and reflections on Africa or ethnic storytelling. Documentary underscore. ( Also see Kilimanjaro ) License

Artist: Michele Vanni
Eerie ambient loop build an atmosphere of subtle tension and expectation supported by a smooth bass line. For your Forensic lab scene or science and research project. License

Alien Matrix
Artist: Michele Vanni
A cross betweem Metal and Electronica. Builds up from an eerie intro to a full blasting rocker. For that Alien invasion flick or that extreme sports promo License

Seasons Come And Go
Artist: Sam Cole
Singer Songwriter Ballad: guitar and vocals. Tender and emotional reflections on the seasons. Great for various use: end credtis, closing scene, reflective background music, source music, underscore or theme. ( from the original score of Magic Globe ) License