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ARMADA - Epic Underscore
Artist: Igge Scoce
Composer: Igge Scoce
Epic Main Theme: Dynamic orchestra reflecting big fleet of ships setting sail. Armada at sea. Choir, strings, brass, large drums and percussion. Great for various cinematic use. Film openers, trailers, Sci Fi, Epic Adventure. ( click ''mixes'' for the longer versions ) License

Progress & Future Technology
Artist: Igge Scoce
Modern reflective electronic ambient. Future technology and corporate progress. Suitable for various use. Background music for Corporate presentations, motivational, infomercials, commercial advertisement and science fact. License

Conspiracy Rampage
Artist: Igge Scoce
Enigmatic Action Theme: elegant thrilling theme evolving to action finale. Reflecting unfolding conspiracy and confrontation. Ideal for spy thrillers, conspiracies and political tension. Great for any cinematic action adventure. Dolceola, Celeste, Piano, Drums, Brass and Orchestra. ( also see the longer versions ). License

Grand Himalaya
Artist: Igge Scoce
Epic Cinematic reflecting Himalaya or caravan in Indo Asia. Dynamic & rich in cinematic texture. Orchestral, indian flutes, female chants on medium ethno rythm. Great as underscore or travel documentary music. Also see ''Into India'' which has a different treatment ! License

Dusty Trails
Artist: Bengus Ljung
Composer: Bengus Ljung
Western Outback Music: Slide and Steel Guitars reflecting dusty trails, western landscapes or outback ambience. Great for various cinematic use. Western country reflections, 60 second commercials or as western underscore. License

Artist: Igge Scoce
Fairytale Storytelling: Full orchestra reflecting wondrous environment. Approaching the Kingdom Of Elves in curiosity. Climactic ending at the Gates. Great for various cinematic use. Video Games, Mystery, Saga, Fairytale Adventure License

AFTERMATH - Full Version
Artist: Igge Scoce
Cinematic Finale: Calm paceful ambience of Strings, Piano, Guitar and Brass. Various cinematic use. Background music, underscore, film theme or finale. Reflecting calm aftermath. Romantic drama, mystery or anything ambient reflective. Also see the ''underscore'' version! License

Heroes Lost
Artist: Igge Scoce
Composer: Igge Scoce
Epic Drama Cue: dynamic orchestral reflection on heroes lost or aftermath. Calm intro of piano, strings and choir build up to grander climax. Great for various use. Cinematic adventure, romantic, epic drama etc .. License

Battle At Sea
Artist: Igge Scoce
Composer: Igge Scoce
Epic Action Adventure: big dynamic orchestra reflecting mutiny, epic battle or conflict. Great for various reflections on action adventure, modern warfare or any historic relevance ( click ''mixes'' to hear alt version. A bit lighter texture mix. ) License

Artist: Gian Marco
Emotional cinematic drama contemporary track with piano and strings. License