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Info: 1 Brands, 14 Genres, 348 Tracks
Primary Brands: Igge Scoce, Andreas Zenn, Sarah De Carlo
Top Genres: Cinematic Soundtrack (161), TV | Ads | Corporate (43), Electronic | Synth (27)


SOUNDTRACK BAY is a high-end music and sound library. A diverse music catalogue that spans across a wide range of music genres. STB is our offering of pristine quality production music and sound design for film and media producers with demands on high production value.


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Conspiracy Rampage
Artist: Igge Scoce
Enigmatic Action Theme: elegant thrilling theme evolving to action finale. Reflecting unfolding conspiracy and confrontation. Ideal for spy thrillers, conspiracies and political tension. Great for any cinematic action adventure. Dolceola, Celeste, Piano, Drums, Brass and Orchestra. ( also listen to the 2 variation mixes ). License

Seasons Come And Go
Artist: Sam Cole
Singer Songwriter Ballad: guitar and vocals. Calm and emotional reflections on the seasons. Great for various use: background music, source music, underscore or theme. ( from the original score of Magic Globe ) License

Grand Himalaya
Artist: Igge Scoce
Epic Cinematic reflecting Himalaya or caravan in Indo Asia. Dynamic & rich in cinematic texture. Orchestral, indian flutes, female chants on medium ethno rythm. Great as underscore or travel documentary music. Also see ''Into India'' which has a different treatment ! License

War Tension
Artist: Igge Scoce
Composer: Igge Scoce
Dramatic Tension: dynamic orchestra and drums reflecting invasion, battle field, marching armies or anything related to historic or modern warfare. Great for various cinematic use. In a score this track works well with ''Enemy Among Us, Battle At Sea and Enemy Pursuit''. Also check out the entire ''ARMADA'' playlist. ( click ''mixes'' for alternate longer version ) License