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Ronald Lawrence
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Phone: 972-423-8467
Location: Plano, Texas, United States


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Primary Brands: Ronald Lawrence
Top Genres: Classical (11), Jazz (3), Folk (1)


Ron Lawrence specializes in composing and recording music for solo trumpet. The lyrical sound of the trumpet is unmistakable, and unmatched at generating powerful emotional responses to a wide range of media. Ron's solo trumpet enhances videos, film and commercials.

We take pride in composing and providing music with a decidedly acoustic sound. Let Ron Lawrence Music make your film or video project stand out from generic digital tracks.

Ron's trumpet tone and lyricism will meet your most demanding requirements.

Bold * Courageous * Heroic * Majestic *
Independence * Joy * Patriotism *
Pride * Inspiration * Drama * Passion *


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The Art Of Living - Epictetus
Artist: Ronald Lawrence
Composer: Ron Lawrence
Copyright: 2020 LMS Publishing
Publisher: LMS Publishing
An example of the effectiveness of our recordings when used as an instrumental music bed to enhance narration. We used a selection of quotes from the Stoic philosopher and teacher, Epictetus, over a thoughtful background composition. License

The Warrior's Prayer - Tecumseh
Artist: Ronald Lawrence
Composer: Guido of Arezzo
Copyright: 2020 LMS Publications
Publisher: LMS Publications
Shawnee-Chief Tecumseh's Warrior's Prayer, accompanied by our solemn recording of the Gregorian chant, Hymn to St. John the Baptist. A beautiful example of how our music adds impact to poetry, audio books, and other types of narration. License

Confident Resolve
Artist: Ronald Lawrence
Composer: Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)
Copyright: 2020 LMS Publishing
Publisher: LMS Publishing
This adaptation of Mahler's Post Horn Solo is perfect for videos, YouTube channels, and any A/V project where a spirit of strength, confidence and elegance is emphasized. Featuring trumpeter Ron Lawrence on acoustic trumpet. License

Spring Is Never Ending
Artist: Ronald Lawrence
Copyright: 2017
Publisher: LMS Music
A nostalgic melody featuring solo trumpet and piano, about the hope and beauty of springtime, with a Ken Burns-style documentary sound. License