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Ronald Lawrence
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Location: Plano, Texas, United States


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Ron Lawrence Music specializes in composing and recording music for solo trumpet. The sound of the trumpet is unmistakable, and is unmatched at generating powerful emotional responses. With a well-crafted, artistically performed piece of music, the solo trumpet enhances reactions to visual images.

We take pride in composing and providing music with a decidedly acoustic sound. Let Ron Lawrence Music make your film or video project stand out from generic digital tracks.

Ron's trumpet tone and lyricism will meet your most demanding requirements.

Bold * Courageous * Heroic * Majestic *
Independence * Joy * Patriotism *
Pride * Inspiration * Drama * Passion *


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Artist: Ronald Lawrence
Composer: Ron Lawrence & Michael Sunjka
Copyright: 2020
Publisher: LMS Pub;ishing
A composition developed specifically for relaxing, meditation and promoting health. The mysterious melody is built around solo trumpet and solo guitar. A male choir adds to the suspense. The choir sings a drone note of 528 Hz, proven to be a frequency of healing. License

The Very Thought Of You
Artist: Ronald Lawrence
Composer: Ray Noble
Publisher: Warner Bros. Music Corp.
Smooth, perennially popular love song, featuring the clear tone of solo trumpet. Available for sync licensing directly with LMS Music. License through publisher, Warner Bros. Music Corporation. License

Leaning On Everlasting Arms
Artist: Ronald Lawrence
Copyright: 2015
Publisher: LMS Music
Uplifting version of this ever-popular hymn, Leaning On The Everlasting Arms, performed with a C & W flair. Trumpet. License

Artist: Ronald Lawrence
Composer: Alexander Arutunian
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Editions BIM
Beautiful, poignant piece for solo trumpet and piano. License