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Ronald Lawrence
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Ron Lawrence Music specializes in composing and recording music for solo trumpet. The sound of the trumpet is unmistakable, and is unmatched at generating powerful emotional responses. With a well-crafted, artistically performed piece of music, the solo trumpet enhances reactions to visual images.

We take pride in composing and providing music with a decidedly acoustic sound. Let Ron Lawrence Music make your film or video project stand out from generic digital tracks.

Ron's trumpet tone and lyricism will meet your most demanding requirements.

Bold * Courageous * Heroic * Majestic *
Independence * Joy * Patriotism *
Pride * Inspiration * Drama * Passion *


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The Last Post
Artist: Ronald Lawrence
Composer: Joseph Haydn
Copyright: 2012 LMS Productions
Publisher: Public domain
A British Bugle Call used by Commonwealth nations to honor those who served in the military. A very beautiful, solemn piece, perfect for military-themed videos and film. Historically, The Last Post signaled to those who were still out on the battlefield and wounded or separated that the fighting was done, and to follow the sound of the bugle to find safety and rest. Its use in Remembrance Day ceremonies is an implied summoning of the spirits of the Fallen to the cenotaph (a cenotaph is an "empty tomb" or a monument erected in honor of a person or group of people whose remains are elsewhere. It can also be the initial tomb for a person who has since been interred elsewhere). License

Fanfare & Celebration (complete version)
Artist: Ronald Lawrence
Composer: Ron Lawrence
Copyright: 2009 LMS Productions
Publisher: Ron Lawrence Music
A spirited composition reminiscent of the musical themes of exciting western movies such as "The Magnificent Seven", "Big Country", and "How The West Was Won." This composition brings to mind the wide-open spaces of the American West, cowboys, galloping horses, and cattle drives. This piece was composed, recorded and copyrighted by trumpeter Ron Lawrence. A musical style projecting Masculinity, independence, and a can-do attitude! License

Star Spangled Banner (USA National Anthem)
Artist: Ronald Lawrence
Composer: John Stafford Smith (music)
Copyright: 2012 LMS Productions
Publisher: Public domain
A dignified, stately unaccompanied solo trumpet version of The Star Spangled Banner. This version works well for the opening of sporting events, civic events, military honors, and many other settings. This recording is perfect to encourage audience sign-along. The key places most voices in a comfortable range to sing this difficult piece. The solo trumpet, unlike full orchestral arrangement, is not overwhelming to the listener, and once again, encourages audience participation. The trumpet tone quality and interpretation are of the highest quality. License

The Magic Trumpet
Artist: Ronald Lawrence
Composer: James F. Burke
Copyright: 1955
Publisher: Carl Fischer, Inc.
An elegant trumpet solo in the style of a Spanish Beguine. Composed and originally performed by cornet soloist James F. Burke. Ron Lawrence and classical pianist, Hando Nakhur, are honored to offer this recording to download for personal use for $1.25. To license this recording please contact our office that we might assist you. License