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Info: 2 Brands, 7 Genres, 75 Tracks
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Top Genres: Rock (33), Pop (26), Electronic (7)


Whimsical Records was established in 1999.
Subsidiary label Platform began in 2007.
Genres: Indie,Pop,Rock,Electronic,Alternative

As a celebration of our first 12 years, 'The Best Of Whimsical' appeared in 2011, featuring 21 tracks from the catalogues of Platform and Whimsical Records.

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Universe In Two
Catalog: Platform Catalogue
Composer: Alexander/Dogra
Copyright: 2016 The Music Elevator
Publisher: Platform Songs
(INSTRUMENTAL AVAILABLE on Request) Like a bittersweet symphony, the Ultra’s “Universe In Two” is hauntingly beautiful. Employing great patience, the song builds up ever so delicately. Meticulous execution works wonders as the song slowly unfolds. Over the course of the song the Ultra taps into elements of post-rock, dance rock, slowcore, and others into a comprehensive emotionally satisfying whole. License

She's Got It All
Catalog: Platform Catalogue
Composer: Harbottle
Copyright: 2007 Whimsical Recirds
Publisher: Platform Songs
Quirky Indie pop - described by one reviewer as ‘‘Syd Barrett meets Blur’’ and another as"Ian Dury jamming with Paul McCartney. vocals-male,tempo-mid License

Two Of A Kind
Catalog: Platform Catalogue
Composer: England/Sharkey
Copyright: 2008 Platform Records
Publisher: Platform Songs
Spiky Guitar and synth driven energetic 80's pop duet. The clever use of male and female vocals sung in unison, one octave apart, emphasizes the subject matter of the song - 'Two Of A Kind' to great effect. tempo-fast License

Cage Fighter
Catalog: Platform Catalogue
Composer: Burns
Copyright: 2012 Platform Songs
Publisher: Platform Songs
Indie pop/rock song, driven by sing-a-long chants and spiky guitar. tempo-fast License