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Will H Callicut
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Phone: 901-413-5370
Location: Memphis, Tennessee, United States


Info: 1 Brands, 2 Genres, 18 Tracks
Primary Brands: Wedding Music
Top Genres: instrumental (16), vocal (2), 30 sec music for advertising (0)


Wedding music for videographers composed by Will Henry is perfect for wedding videographers that want to take their wedding videos to the next level.To license music for a wedding video is quick and easy and also affordable so you don't have to worry about any copyright issues or lawsuits since you are getting the license to use wedding music directly from the music composer.Music for wedding videographers by our composer has been a great time saver for many videographers because the songs are high quality and composed for wedding video professionals.
Download music for wedding videos and enjoy your work.We are here for you and we understand that you want your wedding video music to be of the best sound quality along with affordable music licensing rates.
Performance rights: may also be licensed directly for an additional price negotiated on a per-program (or period) basis and will be included "in writing" in our contract.

Payments: You can make payment with PayPal, business check or money order.

Delivery: After licensing terms have been agreed and payment received, you will be able to download your licensed audio files. Our standard master files are high-quality 320 kbps MP3, or you may also receive files in WAV format by request.


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This Woman
Composer: Wedding Music
Composer: Will H. Callicut
Smooth jazz instrumental with soft lead guitar.Perfect for before or after the wedding. License

Light The Candle-Sand Ceremony
Composer: Wedding Music
Composer: Will H. Callicut
Lighting of the candles and sand ceremony music. License

Sexy And Hot (We Dance)
Composer: Wedding Music
Composer: Will H. Callicut
Upbeat dance song for wedding reception. License

We Did It (Wedding-Reception Exit)
Composer: Wedding Music
Composer: Will H. Callicut
Wedding exit and wedding reception exit music for bride and groom and wedding party License