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Starting and growing your music business

The article below was contributed to our LicenseQuote blog by Jonathan A. J. Lewis, a recent Berklee College of Music grad with a dual major in music production & engineering and music business management. Jonathan is also active as founder/owner at which specialises in music composing, production, publishing management and licensing services. Make a […]


Music business publication resources

Over the last few years I’ve done quit a bit of research and study on basic music publishing and licensing resources. Eventually I narrowed it down to a few essential resources which I’ll  list with titles, links and author credits below.  These resources will give anyone interested in publishing and licensing their music a great […]


Making Music Make Money – some quotes and comments about the book

A few years ago I read with enthusiasm the book Making Music Make Money – An Insider’s Guide To Becoming Your Own Music Publisher By Eric Beall – Berklee Press, a publishing activity of Berklee College of Music, a not-for-profit Education publisher. What captured my attention about this book is the overall attitude of advice […]