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Music Publishing And Licensing group

This article gives an introduction to the Music Publishing And Licensing group, it’s purpose and a survey of some of the Discussion topics among our professional members. LicenseQuote founded and manages the Music Publishing And Licensing group on LinkedIN with the following general description: Music PAL is a professional group for music publishers, music supervisors, […]


Welcome music licensing buyers!

Thank you for visiting LicenseQuote! Recently we launched our global stores search feature so you can easily find music for your advertising, audio production and any other media projects. Get instant quotes, request pricing, make offers, negotiate custom deals and license directly from a growing network of hundreds of music publishers, brands and catalogs. LicenseQuote […]


When music buyers come to LicenseQuote

We aren’t a bit surprised why music supervisors, ad agencies and various licensing buyers come to LicenseQuote to check out our site and publishers. Besides our name – designed to prompt potential licensing buyers to inquire with our publishers about pricing for their projects, it’s also the service element that most of our members (i.e. […]