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On occasion we like to share what’s happening in our Music Publishing And Licensing group on Linkedin. Currently as of August 19, 2014 we have a total of 15,426 members. Music Publishing And Licensing group background Music Publishing And Licensing is a private group established and managed by LicenseQuote in April, 2008 and though we […]


LicenseQuote serves and supports a large variety of music publishers

LicenseQuote serves and supports a large variety of music publishers, each having their own unique business model, catalog specialty and related marketing objectives. This article surveys the most common kinds of  music publishing activites and specialties of music publishing and licensing. Music Publisher definition and background If you are new to the music publishing or […]


Music Publishing – The Mother Lode of the music industry

In recent decades the least interesting (i.e. boring) sector of the music industry, music publishing, is now being re-appraised with growing appreciation for its contribution to the music biz, and with increasing interest for the full scope of the publisher’s activities. Smart publishers = smart copyright owners Recently, Music Publisher Associations around the world are […]


Music publishing 101 …in a nutshell

Featuring: George Howard from his “Music Publishing 101”  video. Link to video at Artist House Music. Editorial and comments by Michael Borges About George Howard Former president of the storied Rykodisc label and founder of Slow River Records, George Howard is an accomplished musician, producer, executive, and educator. He currently holds posts as Assistant Professor […]


Music business publication resources

Over the last few years I’ve done quit a bit of research and study on basic music publishing and licensing resources. Eventually I narrowed it down to a few essential resources which I’ll  list with titles, links and author credits below.  These resources will give anyone interested in publishing and licensing their music a great […]


Making Music Make Money – some quotes and comments about the book

A few years ago I read with enthusiasm the book Making Music Make Money – An Insider’s Guide To Becoming Your Own Music Publisher By Eric Beall – Berklee Press, a publishing activity of Berklee College of Music, a not-for-profit Education publisher. What captured my attention about this book is the overall attitude of advice […]