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Video gives buyers orientation to Global Store

This week we added a new introductory video to the front (home) page of the LicenseQuote website. The new LicenseQuote Buyers Intro video gives music supervisors and licensing buyers coming to our site a brief welcome message and orientation to using the Global Store to find music, register, save favorites to their projects, get license quotes, […]


Most popular genres in global store

Here’s a list of the most popular (prevalent) genres on the LicenseQuote Global Store page. The research, using the keywords search filter, was done in September 2013 to identify to most popular “top 50” genres found in the LQ Global Store. They are listed below from the most popular (at top) and on down, based […]


Global store features for music supervisors and licensing buyers

This article provides updated information about the Global Music Store features and benefits of the global store single sign-on registration. Below is a list of the most important new features that will be of interest to music supervisors and licensing buyers coming to this page on the LicenseQuote site. Global Store Features Search music from […]


Global music search: functions and features update

This article gives an overview of the recently updated music search functions and filter options on our new LQ Global Music Search Store.  The primary global search engine functions and features are listed and discussed with advice and tips on how publishers (in particular) can leverage these tools to make it easier for buyers to […]