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Search tips to find and play music previews for your projects

Searching and finding the right stock music (songs, tracks, cues, etc.) for upcoming projects is mission critical, especially for busy advertising creatives, music supervisors and licensing buyers who need to find and play music preview files to quickly narrow down their music production options. This article provides guidelines, examples and tips for using the music […]


Delivery of watermarked master files

As mentioned in the first article on this series about watermarked music files, Activated Content, one of the inaudible, undetectable and indelible watermarking services (recommended by LicenseQuote) provides an online marking and delivery service by Activated Content.  This makes it possible for copyright owners (i.e. publishers) to deliver unique transaction-registered master files to their end-user […]


Construction packs: easy way for producers to edit songs

Andrew Oye of developed and launched a new product which makes it easy for music supervisors and producers to edit his music tracks for use in their audio/video sync projects.  The construction packs are broken down sections of the full-length songs offered from his licensing store which contain multiple parts for endless mixing possibilities. […]


Licensing Stores performance for huge catalogs

If you happen to own the rights to a 50,000 tracks catalog and wondered if you can use a LicenseQuote powered licensing store to increase licensing revenues and streamline operations, you can rest assured. In the last months we optimized and tested the licensing stores to work without any performance degradation with catalogs of up […]


API Integration – Licensing Store deep linking

LicenseQuote recently developed a simple but powerful new API integration based on deep linking to specific tracks, tags, brands and keywords in one’s licensing store. Before providing some examples, I’ll post a quick introduction from our the API & Integration account page help file which says: This API (application interface) gives you an optional integration […]


Getting the most from your hosted storage plan

If you’ve selected a LicenseQuote plan with audio file tracks hosting included, you’ll have a number of options and flexibility to maximize your catalog’s presentation in your Licensing Store. First, let’s cover the basics and then move on to some of the more advanced tips & tricks. Supported formats The supported formats for audio files […]