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Music license rate cards review

This article reviews the current standard music license rate card options available to all publisher accounts for both the Free and paid subscription plans. One rate card can be used for all songs/tracks in a catalog, or different rate cards can also be applied to specific tracks as needed. To see current default pricing, please […]


The facts on Ephemeral Music Use

Recently one of our Music Publishing And Licensing group members, Ron Mendelsohn, CEO at Megatrax Production Music, posted an interesting discussion about Ephermeral Music Use. His leading question in the discussion title was: “Can shows like ‘Good Morning America’, ‘Today’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’ really use your music for free? Ron asked our members to […]


CalcMatrix rate card modules

Recently we’ve created a series of standard and custom CalcMatrix rate card modules. As a registered publisher, you can download these to import, review, customize and test for your own LicenseQuote powered licensing management and sales usage. Download and usage The CalcMatrix files (in JSON text format) are zipped together for convenient downloading, so you’ll […]


Pricing matrix import feature

This article describes the new pricing matrix import feature which makes it possible to import various licensing profiles into the Pricing Matrix Edit console in your publisher’s account. To find this new feature, go to the Sales > Licensing Profiles admin page and then select any Licensing Profile you already have there. If you haven’t […]


Sold licenses: typical license types, terms and pricing

This article lets you explore a sampling of typical music licensing deals which have been transacted via the LicenseQuote global stores used by our member publishers, library owners and their clients. For each transaction we list the license type, selected usage terms and sold license price.  For convenience the sampling of typical sold licenses (listed […]


Sound effects can promote your production music library

LicenseQuote has found that publishers offering free sound effects could effectively increase both their website traffic and music licensing sales. For music licensing clients that will need a variety of production music tracks, it can increase SEO value as well as customer relations and service value. By using popular music industry keywords on your website, […]


TV Advertising – License music for television advertising

This article introduces the most common uses relating to the TV Advertising (License music for television)  License, one of the many LicenseQuote standard music license types. Television advertising background and uses Advertising revenue provides a significant portion of the funding for most privately owned television networks. The vast majority of television advertisements today consist of […]


Royalty Free Music – definition and common usage

Some, but not all, music libraries use the term Royalty Free or Royalty-Free to describe the kind of licensing terms they offer with their stock music services. Though the term is broadly used and exact usage varies from one music library to the next, we’ll explore the background of this term and how its definition […]


Film Sync License – License music for a movie production

This article introduces the most common uses relating to the Film Sync License, one of the popular LicenseQuote standard license types. Film sync license basics Basic title: Film Sync License or just Film Sync. Short description: License music for a movie production. Usage detail: This license is for any video or film project which will […]