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Cool updates to LicenseQuote

We haven’t been in touch lately (sorry). Despite that, we’ve been hard at work improving the system based on your feedback. Here are some highlights.

Help is on the wayWe added a new and amazing help system. It covers everything you wanted to know about music licensing with LicenseQuote. We poured our hearts out. Check it out by clicking the shiny new Help button in the console, or click this link.
Coupons – yay!You can now define coupons for your clients to use and send them out with your promotions. Coupons are now also featured in the Sales report, so you can effectively track results of email campaigns using coupons. Coupons Management can be found under Manage Clients in the console.
SubmissionsYou can now grow your catalog with song submissions from your composer friends. Easily review and accept or reject them. This one deserves its own email…
Auto-complete your searchSearching your Licensing Store just got easier as we’ll now auto-complete search terms with keywords from your catalog’s data.

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