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This article provides a brief overview of the LicenseQuote customer service and tech support team core policies and values. This is geared for our music publishing clients who benefit directly from using our LicenseQuote platform and related subscription plan services.

Unique business model from its inception

From the beginning, since we first launched the LicenseQuote calculator and subscription plan services over 8 years ago, our ownership and management team decided to make to model our business as a unique, useful and first-class online “software ss a service” site.

We achieved this by focusing first on a Free DIY (do it yourself) music licensing sales business calculator for music publishers to use on their website to help their staff and clients calculate pricing for a variety of music licensing usage and related pricing values.

After our first year of successful implemention and feedback from over a thousand users, we moved ahead with plans to develop a complete licensing sales management service which has evolved into the highly feature-rich platform it is today.

List of customer service and tech support resources

Over the years, here’s some of the main values and beliefs we’ve built on:

  • Intro videos for music publishers, composers, labels and library owners on LicenseQuote home page. Videos can be played on our site or on YouTube
  • Pre-registration and subscription questions and inquiries
  • Custom plans and price quotes for all new and existing music publishers and copyright owners
  • Free plan usage, gives new clients a basic “test drive” of the service along with full customer service support
  • Pricing page which clearly displays a list of all standard plans, features and pricing
  • List of primary features for the Manager and Library plans
  • Publisher’s start guide to provide an introduction to setting up and using a new publisher account
  • Help files on all publisher account pages and consoles; click the green question mark button at top-right of any page to open the help file dialog
  • Fast, friendly customer service and tech support (see details below) by email (recommened), Skype or phone when requested by appointment
  • Customer service to assist with all subscription, billing and related accounts admin support
  • Basic tech support to help new users get a “head start” with setting up their publishing account
  • Advanced tech support and related account setup or customization assistance
  • Development and implementation of suggested/requested new features when appropriate and feasible
  • Extensive knowledge resources via blog articles and tutorials page
  • Frequently asked questions pages to help all new and existing users answer the most common questions about the LicenseQuote platform and service
  • Gallery to showcase a sampling of our various subscription members and how they’re using their licensing stores
  • List of testimonials from current (or recently) active publishing subscription members
  • Private professional discussion group for new and active music publishers to network and discuss current issues in today’s music publishing and licensing industry. Please visit and join us at Music PAL (Publishing And Licensing) group on LinkedIN.

But besides offering all these “connection points” with our existing and potential new publishing clients, we mainly thrive on getting input and feedback to help us evaluate our progress and further enhance our client’s user experience.

That’s why we offer a Feedback form from our Contact page. This is specifically geared to gather client feedback and suggestions in a practical, quick and efficient way guaranteeing that no questions, requests or suggestions ever “fall through the cracks”.

Replies to our customer service and tech support services

Here’s how many of our clients have recently replied with their positive feedback after receiving assistance from our customer service support:

  • “Thanks so much for explaining, I’m learning how things work. I think it’s great that your company take time to help people understand.”
  • “Thanks for the help with the audio file.”
  • Got it. I’ll make the adjustment. Thanks so much!
  • Thanks for the super quick response! The instructions below make sense and I tried the paging and 10 songs per page options. The library and all tracks are showing fine and as expected…”
  • “An amazing job.  I will finish mastering and upload the first 75 tracks and then upgrade our subscription plan. Great customer support.”
  • “Ok, sounds good. That should do what I need. I’ll let you know if I have any other questions. Thank You!”
  • “Thanks Doron, good to hear from you. The site looks like it really developed nicely. Attached is my metadata, let me know if this will be ok.”
  • “This is what I’d love to see. Just some quick thoughts. Hope it’s helpful in some way.”
  • “Thanks so much for the demo and following up. The product and UI are super impressive.”
  • “Hi, I am thinking about joining the paid plan, it looks great. Just a question… thanks!”
  • “Great, all good with me… thanks!”
  • “Very interesting! It’s good to have these figures as it’s a big help to me in pitching to UK clients to be able to give comparison rates.”
  • “Thanks, Michael.  I appreciate your prompt reply.”
  • “I’d still pay LicenseQuote yearly to keep my masters on your server, and because of the great way it handles the license calculations, communication, documentation and delivery!”
  • “Thanks for the update on my plan at License Quote. I really like what you have going on there!”
  • “Seems to be fine. I checked it on the site and it displays fine.”
  • “No problem Doron, you gave me a hint and I think I can figure something out with that formula.”
  • “Thanks Michael and Doron!”

If you are a new, existing or soon to be LicenseQuote publishing client, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance with setting up your plan, upgrading to a new plan or deciding which plan might work best for you. To get started, you can always register for a FREE plan account to explore and get familiar with the basic platform, and then consider upgrading to an appropriate plan later after you’ve had some time to get familiar with the basic account.  Thanks, and as always, we appreciate your questions, suggestions and feedback!

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