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Additional FAQs about LicenseQuote

We frequently get new and different kinds of questions from music industry people, publishers and libraries about how our LicenseQuote subscription service works and how it will benefit them. This article provides a list of typical questions, some which have not been covered yet, or completely, on our FAQ page. If we get more we’ll add them here or on the FAQ page as needed. Updated: June 6, 2015

Q. Do music supervisors visit the LicenseQuote site on a regular basis?
A. Yes! They land on our Find Music To License page to search from all our active publishers, brands and libraries which currently offer about 10,000 tracks ready to preview and license. If music supervisors and licensing buyers are already working with a specific publisher, they will have bookmarked their website and/or licensing store page and go directly there.

Q. Is there a way to get monthly visitor information?
A. Yes! Currently we have extensive GA (google analytics) in place for our site’s global visitors and traffic stats. The public page stats continue to increase monthly with an average 10% – 15% growth rate ranging above the 20,000 page views. The top page visits include our client’s storefronts, licensing stores and the Find Music page, followed by these pages in order given: Pricing, Features, Gallery, Demo, Tutorials, FAQ and Contact page.

Other factors: Please keep in mind that is an ad-free commercial, business-to-business site for music publishers to connect with end-user licensing buyers, so we are NOT competing with retail portals such as CD Baby, iTunes or music-streaming subscription service sites. Please also see “Other stats” at bottom for some more interesting facts!

Q. Client success, results- are clients earning? Is it proving to be a successful way to marketing and sell music?
A. Yes! Most of our clients, the publishers and library owners, are very proactive in managing and promoting their catalogs and stores. We believe the primary reason for this is because they have the opportunities to deal directly with the end-user licensing buyers (the licensees), set their own pricing, negotiate deals, collect 100% of the sales directly and build their Store Users (buyers) client list. This means they are naturally 100% motivated to be proactive, since they don’t have to share any cut or commission with our service.

Q. Are people trusting the LicenseQuote platform?
A. Yes! Please review our partial list of unsolicited, unpaid testimonies on this page: What people are saying about LicenseQuote. We also hear from our publishers how satisfied their license buying clients are with the interface and use of their LicenseQuote powered stores. Of course we believe it’s not only the technology platform that’s great, but also the fact that our publishing clients are so highly motivated to provide first-class service to their licensing clients.  Besides great music, technology and competitive pricing, hands-on customer service always makes a big difference, and this is what each of our publishing clients wants to provide.

Q. Any marketing from your end or is that strictly up to the portal owner?
A. Both! LicenseQuote provides the Licensing stores and powerful search tools for buyers to easily find and preview music, get price quotes, negotiate deals, pay with on or offline methods (as negotiated with the publishers) and instantly download their contracts, receipts and licensed audio files.  On the other hand our publishing and licensing clients are also very proactive by promoting their licensing stores from their own websites, contacting their existing list of clients and offering a great service by giving them direct access to their own catalogs and online libraries. In many cases our publishers also offer custom music and licensing services.

Q. Can we handle pricing from our end after the buyers fill out the licensing inquiry form?
A. Yes! For each Licensing Profile our publishers can offer any combination of these licensing negotiation options: Place bid, Request quote and/or automated pricing calculations. For each license type the pricing and terms can also be customized as needed, including any major foreign currency. This means you can create different pricing profiles (aka rate cards) and apply to any group of tracks or catalogs as needed. On the Collections Settings page (in your publisher account) you can select various options for your clients to pay including: PayPal or credit card, Check or money order, wire transfer or any custom terms you want to offer.

Q. Do you provide blanket licenses?
Yes! Our publishers can offer blanket licensing for any of their registered store users. This means you can enable or disable the “blanket licensing” for each unique buyer on the Store Users admin page in your account.

Q. What about single-song downloads for a fee for fans?
A. Music songs/tracks in your store can have an optional retail “Buy” button enabled from the Licensing Profile admin page. This lets you set the price. If set to $0.00, the track is available for Free or promo download, but the default price is $1.00 which can be edited and saved. It’s therefore up to each publisher to decide about selling retail song downloads to fans and the pricing that gets charged.

Q. Can we make the song available for a one-time download as well as for licensing?
A. Yes, absolutely! The main feature is always the licensing button for the Licensing of the tracks,  but it’s no problem to enable the Buy button and set pricing for instant purchase payment and download, for example by fans for their own non-commercial (personal) use of your songs.

Q. How do LicenseQuote music providers (publishers) handle fulfillment?
A. On the Advanced Settings admin page, they can select delivery options which includes the WAV, AIF or MP3 master files (based on available master file) and/or the MP3 preview file. Therefore it’s possible for buyers to have access to download the master or both the master and preview files.

Q. Will people visiting the main site be able to find our LicenseQuote powered store portal?
A. Yes! When they search for music on the main “Find Music To License” page, they can search by publisher, brand or catalog name, as well as keyword searches, genres and tags. When they find and preview your song, they can click the track’s License button and instantly go to YOUR store. This makes it easy for music supervisors and licensing buyers to find your music and connect directly with you in your own store. If they already registered for the global stores search, they will be instantly logged in to your store and their contact listing will appear on your Store Users admin page.

Q. Timeline, what you need, delivery of needs and steps.
A. Publishers coming to LicenseQuote can start with the LQ 15 FREE plan, which gives them plenty of time to explore their catalog and store setup options. Everything is in a self-serve (do-it-yourself) mode which lets you set up your tracks, licensing store and embed the store your website so you can start promoting and selling right away, even on the first day. However, please note that the FREE plan is limited to 15 total tracks (i.e. songs), and 3 licensing sales, after which buyers can still find music and play tracks, but can’t purchase licenses until you’ve upgraded to a paid subscription plan.

Q. What is the scope of designing our licensing store portal?
A. The setup is very intuitive and many publishers don’t even need our (optional) setup wizard. We have extensive Help files on each admin page, and the most important decision, besides adjusting the colors theme for your store, is to either link to your audio files or upload them so we can store them for you with our integrated S3 storage solution. If you get stuck, check the help files, Tutorials page, Knowledge base or send us an email with your question. Also, during your Free trial period, all features are fully functional, so you have plenty time to explore and learn to use your Publisher admin console.

Q. Payment and any additional costs or payments other than your list of plans and pricing?
A. LicenseQuote has NO hidden costs or fees! The plans and pricing you see on our Pricing page includes all features for all accounts depending only on the plan you select. If you have more than 1,000 tracks we’ll give you a custom plan and price quote based on your exact needs. For a custom plan quote, please fill out this form.  We usually respond within the same day!

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