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New features & improvements

This article is a summary of new features and improvements available as of March 2015 on the LicenseQuote site to our publishing clients.

  • Increased tracks ‘Feature’ sort ability from 10 to 50 tracks – the Feature setting is on the Tracks/Songs console page in your publisher account.
  • Improved/reformed Global Store registration and usage – for music supervisors and licensing buyers.

How it works:

1. Global Store Buyers are required to provide company name, telephone number and website address when first registering.
2. Buyers registering first with the Global Store can then visit any publisher’s store if they are logged in to the Global Store.
3. Buyers coming from the Global Store will appear on the store’s clients list after sending an inquiry or downloading something (if the store allows that).
4. Any buyer coming to any store, except the Global Store, will have to register at that store.
5. Buyers registering at any other store won’t be able to visit other stores with the same username and password credentials.
6. Buyers can use the same email address to register in multiple stores including the Global Store, but can use different passwords in each store.
7. Publishers can enable or disable Global Store partcipation on the Advanced Settings > Promotion console: [  ] List your tracks in the Global Store and accept Global Store buyers

  • Calc-Matrix Edit page is now called Pricing Matrix Edit page – this makes the terminology more consistant for usage with all related Rate Card features.
  • Ability for publishers to manually generate a contract – by using the “Generate License” button at top-right of the Sold Licenses page.
  • Improved WordPress plugin – to embed LQ store on a WordPress site.  See “WordPress Plugin” dialog link towards top of the Store & Settings page. You can also check out MangoMatter for more on this.
  • Clear display of Publisher’s Store ID number – now appears at top-right of the Store & Settings page.
  • Ability for publishers to control the Submissions limit value – Default is 10 (recommended for most users) but value can be set from 1 to 20 songs per songs Submission session.
  • New ‘Save Quote’ button feature – lets store users save, download and/or print out the license quotes they want to save, share or compare with other quotes.
  • Jurisdiction for default Submission agreement – now fills in the default State according to the user profile to identify the place of jurisdiction.
  • Multiple Files download feature (in one click) from Store > Projects page – speeds up the process to download multiple saved files for upcoming project review.
  • Detect when store user is trying to download a file from Android or iOS device and allow download – for improved usage with popular mobile devices.

Thanks to all our publishing clients for your continued suggestions and feedback which makes it possible for us to continue making new feature and function improvements for your account, store and music licensing buyers usage.

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