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This article introduces the new license Manager store plan designed as a subset of the original LQ Library store plan.  Though it’s a license manager plan (account & licensing store), it’s simply called the ‘LQ Manager’ or ‘Manager’ for short.

Listed on the Plans & Pricing page, it says the “LQ Manager is a music licensing management and sales solution for music creators, publishers and libraries that already have an online catalog or don’t need one. This can include a variety of artists, bands and copyright owners that don’t want or need to set up a directly integrated catalog with tracks preview player as our Library store plan includes.

Manager plan store details

The Manager plan store includes a Track/Song Name field which lets buyers enter the name(s) of the song titles they are interested in licensing. More details can be added in the optional project Description field to further discuss and negotiate the track’s usage in the license buyer’s project.

As with the Library store, the publisher can set store usage options such as automated price calculations and/or request clearance, price quotes and negotiate on-line.

Overview of Manager plan features

All the other features will already be familiar to current or previous Library plan users, including the account settings, billing options, advanced settings, API & Integration, business profile page, store & settings console, and all the Licensing Sales tools needed to complete the whole licensing sales management process.

This includes the inquiries management page, list of sold licenses page, rate cards settings (standard or custom), sales reports and a modified ‘manage clients’ console which lets publishers add and invite new store users, import and export lists of store users and configure the store registration and related usage settings.

Embedding and advanced settings options

The Manager store can also be linked to or embed directly on the publisher’s website., and the Advanced Settings gives publishers control over the following promotion and licensing options:

[  ] List your business profile on the ‘Find Publishers’ page
[  ] Link to your business profile from your store

[  ] Require project description when buying a license
[  ] Show contact option to store buyers

The options (as shown above) can be enabled or disabled by checking or unchecking the box.

Manager account home page

The Manager account Home page also features handy store view stats which can be selected by week, month or yearly period.

Plans & Pricing

The Manager Plans & Pricing are flexible with standard plans ranging from 250 up 4,000 tracks/songs and custom plans and pricing for larger publishers and copyright owners with catalogs over 4,000 songs. For a custom plan and price, please use our Custom Plan Quote form.

Summary of Manager plans

In summary, the license Manager plan accounts includes all the rich license sales, customer management and API & Integration features that the Library plans include, minus the direct integration of the music Catalog and MP3 preview player in the store.

Manager plan users will also have to deliver the master files to their clients after their license purchases, unless they already have access to them via their site or a third party sales (e.g. iTunes) or delivery service.

By popular request, the new Manager plan and store is now available to meet the needs of various publishers and copyright owners that simply want to offer a convenient license sales interface to their clients and enjoy the features and benefits of managing their licensing sales business from one integrated account and store.

We also offer a Free Manager plan with limited features, but it’s enough for most publishers and get familiar with the plan and it’s many powerful features which are available in the upgraded subscription plans.

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