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Subscription cancellation policy and plan switching

On the bottom-right of the Subscription page in your LicenseQuote publisher account, you’ll find a Cancellation Policy link which opens this page:

There’s an outline with detailed info on what to expect when needing to cancel, switch or upgrade/downgrade subscription plans as needed. This information helps you plan and prepare to get the most from your current or future LicenseQuote subscription plans.

a) You can cancel your Monthly subscription plan at any time, though it’s best to cancel near or before the automated renewal date which is set on the date you first activated your plan.

b) Yearly subscriptions are sent an expiration notification (reminder) email about 10 days before your scheduled expiration date. This gives you 10 days to decide to continue, switch to another plan, or cancel.

c) To switch to another plan, you will first need to cancel your current plan and then immediately select and activate your new standard or custom plan. No files, meta-data or settings will be lost during your switch. After receiving your payment, we’ll send a prorated refund (to your PayPal account) based on any unused portion of your previous plan.

d) If you intend to cancel and forget to do so (by mistake) at end of your Yearly plan, please cancel within 30 days, and we’ll provide a prorated refund.

e) Sorry, except as stated above we offer no refunds for cancelled plans.
Tip: To get the most usage from your subscription plan, it’s best to cancel on or shortly before your plan’s scheduled expiration date.

f) After you cancel your subscription plan you can still access your account and activate a new plan at any time. However, after a subscription has expired or is cancelled, you can not add more tracks to your catalog and your licensing store will be disabled until you select and activate a new plan.
Sometimes we get emails from publishing clients that forgot when they started their subscription, or from one of their staff members or bookkeeper that isn’t aware that the owner/publisher has a monthly subscription plan. Eventually when they see it, they may wonder what it’s for among the many other products and services their business is paying for, so we want them to be “in the loop” to understand that cancellation or switching plans is very easy, and can be done directly on the Subscription page in the publisher’s account.

Other ways to cancel:
You can cancel directly from your PayPal account, and also contact PayPal support if needed to guide you through the process if you are new with them, or not familiar with their service.

You can also contact LicenseQuote customer service to assist with cancelling your plan, or with switching plans, which requires that you first cancel your current plan, and then select a new one to activate. Please note, regardless of your needs, we are always here to help and answer any questions you have regarding your subscription plan status or changes.

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