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LQ Store Plans – new features, improvements & updates

We are pleased to present the following list of new features, improvements and related updates, including some handy user tips. for publishers using the LicenseQuote store plans.

Player buttons added on publisher’s console pages

Player buttons have been added on Tracks/Songs console and Edit Track page.

When clicked, it opens up the waveform image player in a new popup window for convenient previewing of audio files already uploaded to our integrated storage or linked to your own storage server, as the case may be. This is the same waveform player as used in the store, so you get exactly the same preview player as your registered store users and clients are using.

Submissions Terms of Agreement form

We’ve recemtly improved the Submissions ‘Terms of Agreement’ form interface which appears for Submitters to review and accept before uploading new tracks. Submitters (i.e. the songwriters, composers, publishers) can now easily find the Print and Save buttons at the top of the form to easily open, download and/or print out the publisher’s Submissions ‘Terms Of  Agreement’ contract in PDF file format.

More functionality coming up soon for the Publisher’s ‘Submissions’ feature to make it easier to save and manage all approved tracks, submitters and related Terms of Agreement contracts. We’ll post more details (soon) in a new blog article.

Publisher ‘Sign-Up’ form simplified and streamlined

The Registration (Sign-Up) form for new publishers now asks what the estimated library size is with a simple free-form entry field. Only a number needs to be entered to complete the registration process. This gives us a better idea of the typical ranges of catalog and library sizes that various publishers or library owners have.

Also, currently we don’t ask anymore how you discovered LicenseQuote, but if we offer that again in the future it will be reduced to about 5 of the most common discovery/referal scenarios.

Increased Batch files uploading ‘per session’ limit

The Batch files uploading limit on Upload/Files console has recently been increased to 2 GB (giga bytes) per upload session.

a) 2 GB  is about 200 audio MP3 files assuming that each audio file is an average of 4 minutes length, at 320 kbps (constant bit rate) at average file size of 10 MB.

b) If you are uploading a mix of WAV or AIF for the master files, and 320 kbps sampling for the preview files, your “mileage” will vary, but you can estimate that 80 audio files will get close to the limit, for example 40 WAV master files plus 40 MP3 preview files. In this case each set of master and preview files would be about 50 MB in total file size.

Audio Files uploading tips

1) You can upload multiple MP3, WAV and AIFF audio files and also ZIP, PDF and MID files.

2) It’s best to name the audio files with easily recognizable names, such as: “My Blue Hat.mp3”

2b) If you need to add a brand or catalog name, add that info after the song/track name, for example like this: “My Blue Hat_Brand name_Catalog no.mp3” You can mix and match as need, but best to keep with a consistant format and always start with the song’s title so you can easily find it (later) when selecting it from the Edit Track page or searching for it on the Upload/Files page, etc. This also makes it easy for your clients to recognize their downloaded audio files after they’ve completed their license purchases.

2c) If you only use a catalog number your clients may be confused about which files match up with the track titles they remember previewing, licensing and downloading, so best to always use file names which directly reflect the actual song/track title names as they appear in your licensing store.

3) Do not close the files upload console page until your files have completed uploading. This prevents accidental interuption or disconnection during the files uploading process.

4) When uploading is completed, you can start another batch files uploading session or upload just one, two or more files as needed.

Thanks for reviewing, and if you’d like to share your feedback with us please use one of our contact forms. We look forward to hearing from you.

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