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New features & improvements

Whether you are already using LicenseQuote as a music composer, publisher or library owner or are considering starting soon, the items below offer a summary of the most recent new features and improvements. Please review and let us know if you have any questions or other feedback.

New Features

Blanket Licensing Sales
This new licensing sales feature is optional and can be turned On or Off (by checking a box) on the new Blanket Sales rate card. We’ve pre-populated this rate card with 3 basic License Types as follows:
1) Online, Corporate, Non-Broadcast
2) TV & Radio Programs
3) TV & Radio Commercials & Programs

As with all other Rate Cards, you can edit the License Types, titles, descriptions and pricing to suit your needs. When the feature is checked to be On (Turn blanket licenses sales ON), the ‘Buy blanket license’ option will appear for buyers to “click” from the top-right of your store header.

This new music submissions feature lets you (publisher/library owner) review audio files which composers and songwriters can upload to your account.

Use of this feature requires a subscription with our integrated audio files hosting plan. Submitters can upload up to 10 tracks at a time (as a flood control measure) with both MP3 preview and MP3, WAV or AIF master files for your review, at which time you can accept or decline each track. When completed, you can let the submission party upload more tracks.

Also, you can edit the standard (default) Agreement or delete and enter your own terms of submission. This is a great feature for busy publishers that want to seamlessly integrate their submissions process with their online catalog and store.

Rate Cards
The Licensing Profile (in the Sales menu section) is now called ‘Rate Cards’ and has been updated with 3 new standard (optional) Rate Cards as follows:

1) Simple A rate card – 2 simple license types plus a custom composed & recorded music license and a custom license.

2) Simple B rate card – 4 simple license types and a custom license.

3) Basic rate card – 10 of the most common (popularly used) license types.

The original standard (default) license types is still available and is now called the ‘Advanced’ rate card. As before, this rate card features all 21 “classic” LQ standard license types. The new Blanket Sales rate card is now also listed on the Rate Cards page in your publisher account.

Console Users (Admin permissions interface)
On the ‘Settings & Users’ admin page (previously called ‘Account Details’), you will now find a Console Users feature which lets you Add new users and define various admin permissions including: Catalog Manager, Sales Manager and Setup Manager.

You can check any or all of these options to manage the range of access you want to assign to any partner, colleague, staff member, webmaster or consultant, etc. You can also enter these account user details: Username, Password, First Name, Last Name, Email and Title for added security and management convenience.

Other Improvements

New Library and Publisher fields in catalog and related changes – This improvement lets publishers define their Library Name and can then use more than one publisher in their catalog, for example each track can now display it’s own publisher field.

Sold Licenses filter – You can now sort your history of sold license by Licensing sales, Retail sales, Blanket downloads and Free Demo downloads. Accordingly, you can then also sort the Price column from highest to lowest or from lowest to highest price.

Simplified License Types setup – When setting up a simple license type which requires no Properties and related multiplier Values, it’s possible now to enter only the license type title and base price, and nothing else.

WordPress plugin – You can use the new WordPress plugin to simplify integration with your WordPress based site.

Always leading users back to your site – Thanks to a new embed code and API mechanisms, links will always lead users to your store on your site and never to your store on our site (when clicking shared track links and shared project links). This will work with 90% of the site configurations, but not all depending on your code and some site hosting technical limitations.

Hide the store header or the login and registration links – If you do not like or need the standard store header, you can now hide it. You can also hide the login and registration links if instead you are using the API and have no need for that.

Got feedback about LicenseQuote?

If you’d like to share your feedback with us, please use one of our contact forms. Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.

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