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On occasion we like to share what’s happening in our Music Publishing And Licensing group on Linkedin. Currently as of August 19, 2014 we have a total of 15,426 members.

Music Publishing And Licensing group background

Music Publishing And Licensing is a private group established and managed by LicenseQuote in April, 2008 and though we are selective in screening membership requests, we are still adding an average of 35 new members per week for a growth rate of about 2,000 per year. We work hard (round the clock) to prevent and screen out spam and blatant self-promotion, as we post fairly strict but fair guidelines for all existing and new members to follow.

Moderation of discussions and comments

New discussions must be approved, so they go into a submission queue to be reviewed before being posted on the main Discussion page or sometimes on the Jobs page, if more appropriate there. Everyone can post Comments, though we also moderate them and respond if they are tagged as spam or off-topic, etc. This approach maximizes interesting and useful discussions while keeping spam and other distractions to an absolute minimum.

Sampling of recent discussions

Below are some examples of the types of Discussions our group has been enjoying over the last year or so. Titles and the total number of comments are current as of August 19, 2014, and are likely to increase over the coming weeks and months.

Why does YouTube performer think she is entitled to use copyrighted music of others without a license? – 23 comments

YouTube ads and monetization – 12 comments

Rumblefish Opt-In – 8 comments

When you submit to a music library, do you supply the metadata, or do they do it for you?

Do you prefer to supply your own information? – 20 comments

Hit License – 24 comments
Note: This discussion asks members about their experience and thoughts on the “” service.

Getty Images Music Licensing – 55 comments
Asks members about their experience with the “Getty Images Music Licensing” library service.

Do licensees need to know the PROs of composers/publishers for cue sheet submission? – 28 comments

The future for stand-alone songwriters – 52 comments

Are you confused by Shared Licensing, Work For Hire, Blanket and Sync Licensing? – 32 comments
Note: This discussion clears up many questions about the publishing and licensing business agreements, contracts and related collaboration arrangements.

Do you think the Non-Exclusive/Re-Title model has a long future that is really beneficial to composers as opposed to publishers? – 59 comments
Note: This subject generated tons of interesting discussions from various points of view!

What’s the good and bad with signing with multiple non exclusive entities? – 73 comments
Note: Another “hot” topic that still gets a lot of views and occasional new comments, though it was posted 6 months ago.

Microstock Music Stocks – 8 comments

TOO DIVERSE? I write songs in many genres. When some people see me, it is assumed that I just write or sing in one style, which is far from the truth.
Have people ever been amazed by your diversity? – 25 comments

How much “free work” did it take before you found success? – 48 comments

Would rather get money upfront rather than collecting tiny payments over years and years? – 13 comments

Books about music publishing – 25 comments
Note: A number of helpful books are listed and recommended by various music publishing and licensing professionals.

“Why can’t I find a home for my music?” Do you find yourself asking the same question? – 76 comments
Note: Lots of great discussion including input, advice and tips from many different active members.

Is there such a thing as a Music Publishing Appraiser? – 6 comments
Note: By the way, yes there is, and one member says that typically these experts are Economists or CPA’s who have specialized in music publishing.

Are you unhappy with such things as the rising bar for production music? – 38 comments

Songtrust – anyone have any experience with this? – 8 comments

Music Supervising Experience – 5 comments

Whose responsibility is it to register cues from for a film score with the PRO’s?
Is it the production company or publishers? – 26 comments

Anyone ever applied for an ASCAP PLUS Award? – 9 comments

Can a PRO-affiliated writer/publisher participate in royalty-free music libraries? – 33 comments

Anyone here have the scoop on why Viacom decided NOT to re-new the blanket licensing agreement with Pump Audio/Getty Images? – 13 comments

You just signed a deal on an Exclusive “In Perp” for a piece of your music. Should you give up copyright? – 30 comments

Submitting to pandora question – 28 comments

Overseas licensing – 13 comments

PROs and Public Domain – 12 comments

What genre is this? How do you decide as a writer or a producer? – 52 comments

How do you search libraries? What do you like to see and what is effective? – 28 comments

Share backend royalties with a library? Never in my life have I heard such a proposal. – 47 comments

Has anyone had any successful placements with Music Clout? – 82 comments

My First Publishing Deal – 34 comments

Is it realistically possible for a NON-touring/performing artist (who makes purely instrumental music) to make a living? – 13 comments

Again, the above is just a sampling of some of the interesting discussions posted in the Music Publishing And Licensing group over the last year, so if interested and you haven’t joined yet, you are welcome to request membership and get involved to have access to all these (and many more) discussions.

About Music Publishing And Licensing members

Most of our members are very involved in this field either as composers, publishers, library owners, music supervisors and/or other services related directly to the music publishing and licensing business, so you can be sure to find some interesting and helpful discussion to read, comment on, ask questions or post your own discussion subjects.

Tips for posting your own discussion

Before posting a new discussion please check on the ‘Search’ page (at top menu between Members and Manage) to see which subjects have already been posted in the past, and then plan to post accordingly to avoid duplication of subjects and titles that already exist from previous discussions.

Thanks and hope to see you there!

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