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Library and Publisher fields

Recently LicenseQuote added a new Library and Publisher field for enhanced flexibility for publishers to manage their account with multiple publisher names used for different song/track titles as needed. For example, some songs may be registered with ASCAP, while others might be registered with BMI or SESAC, so now each song/track can list the unique publisher name that it belongs to; which also helps buyers and/or broadcasters accurately manage their Cue Sheet data.

If you’re a music publisher, you will now find the Library Name field on the Users & Settings admin page in your account, which used to be the “Publisher Name” field.

If you wish, you can keep the same name that you first entered there, as it’s only for your store usage, but if you have another or different name in mind to be used for your official Library name, of you can edit and save it, but you will need to update the links to your store which are used on your site, because the store URL (site address) is always directly related to your Library Name entered in that field.

On the Tracks/Songs > Add Track and Edit Track pages, you will find the new Publisher field towards the top, below the Composer and above the Copyright field. If all your songs are registered with the same PRO (performance rights organization), or not with any PRO , you can keep the publisher name (if any) that you previously entered, or you can enter the same name there for all your songs, though this field is not required, as it’s just a nice option to have if you want it to appear in your catalog and store.

In the store header (at top of your store), you’ll now see the Library name listed, and the new title and name(s) will now also reflect accordingly on the receipts, contracts and the tracks data in the store and for each licensed track.

We want to thank our publishing clients (like Simon Smart from Smart Media Music) for sharing their usage experience, insights and new feature requests. This helps us stay on the cutting edge of many practical and useful implementations which all active publishers (on our site) can also use for their own accounts, catalog and store.

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