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Console Users – admin permissions management feature

Recently we completed a new admin management feature which lets publishers set up and manage account access for their colleagues, partners, employees, staff members or, for example, a website designer or consulant, etc.

Publisher admin permissions

Various types of console user permissions can be turned on or off by checking corresponding permissions access boxes such as: Catalog Manager, Sales Manager and Setup Manager. Adding a user involves entering their username,  password, first name, last name, email address and optional title, on a small dialog which opens after selecting the “Add New User” button in the Console Users section at bottom of the Settings & Users admin page. When done entering these fields, clicking the “Save” button sends an email invitation to that user  with the login details. The Console Users management grid will then show the details of the currently logged in user.

Admin permissions function details

Catalog Manager – can add/edit Brands but nothing else on that page (will be shown as read-only), and can add/edit/import/export tracks everything on the Tracks/Songs page except the Configure dialog (will be shown as read-only) and can upload files and add/edit genres.

Sales Manager – can access the Licensing Inquiries, Sold Licenses, Sales Report and Manage Clients admin pages.

Setup Manager – can access all the things not mentioned above.

Global Manager – a user having all 3 permissions ( as outlined above) can do anything.

Overview how it works

1) The first/default user will have all 3 permissions. The grid will have 3 columns, one for each permission besides the First and Last name columns.

2) The first/default user can not be deleted or edited and will have all 3 permissions always available by “default”, since this belongs to the publishers as primary user from the time of initial registration.

3) All added (subsequent) accounts can also be edited and/or deleted to give the account owner maximum flexibility to add, change or remove various levels of admin access permissions to their publisher’s account.

4) Adding/editing users will be allowed only from the first/default user, and not from a later (subsequent) added user.

5) The Settings & Users (previously Account Details) page will show the details of the currently logged in user instead of the ones for the account owner. Also, the change password function will be for the logged-in user.

Designed for convenience and ease-of-use

We’ve designed this new feature to work as easily as possible to help music publishers better manage their accounts by being able to offer their team members, including employees, staff or other outsourced or auxilliary personnel, the access needed to help them manage their music licensing catalog, rate cards, licensing store, sales and business reports, by giving them access (as needed) to achieve the specific tasks assigned to them, while protecting other data-sensitive areas reserved only for owners or top maanagement.

Give it a test drive

If you’ve been expecting or requesting this new feature, please feel free to give it a test drive now by setting up one or more ‘Console User’ accounts (as needed) toflexiibly manage your music publishing and licenising business. You’ll have full control to add, edit and/or delete any user accounts, to easily set up a test, or start using right away to assign or delegate certain management tasks to others on your team.

As always, f you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to send them to us from our LicenseQuote Contact page by using one of the appropriate contact forms on that page.

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