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WordPress plugin and other new features

Here’s a list of recently added new features and updates which music publishers can use in their LicenseQuote accounts.

Plugin that embeds LQ store on a WordPress site

This feature/tool (now in Beta) makes it as easy as possible for non-programmers to use, or if you have a webmaster or developer, it will help them set up your store more quickly and easily on your new or existing WordPress site.

Here’s what the Plugin has:

1. Widget (user can drag and drop to dynamic widget area – if supported by template)
2. Filter function which is binded to the_content() WP function and works for a single article \ stand alone page.
2.1. Filter checks if there is a custom field registered for a page\article and gets widget ID.
2.2. Filter parses DOM of content and searchs for placeholder (any tag with). If found then it adds widget script into placeholder (id is taken from placeholder tag or from custom field). If no valid ID is found then filter dooes nothing.

Instructions for installing the WordPress plugin

Download the plugin from this link:

You can install plugin automatically through WordPress or manually by uploading a plugin via FTP (for more information see this link).

To install plugin manually, first decompress the file named “” into your WordPress plugins folder (Example: “”).

To use the plugin within WordPress use one for the following methods:

1.  As a widget (drag-and-drop to widget area)


2. Place the following PHP function in the source code of your Theme:



3.  Add the following code with your store ID to your single content page:

<div class=”lqstorewidget” id=”Your-Store-ID”></div>

You can get your store ID from the “Store & Settings” page in your console.

Sold Licenses – filter usage improvement

We now save the last setting the user selected for next time the page loads.

If user selects ‘Licensing Sales’ and leaves the Sold Licenses page, next time he comes back to this page, the ‘Licensing Sales’ filter would still be selected, instead of the ‘Show All’ (initial default) setting.

API implementation demo

We’ve added links at the bottom of the API console (admin page) for an Implementation demo and download demo code link.
Please follow these links for complete details: LicenseQuote API implementation demo. You can download demo code here.

Manage Clients admin page search box

There is a search box at top-right of the buyer’s list console which lets you easily search by client’s name or other known fields such as company name or city, etc. This makes it fast and easy to find and sort according to the various search criteria you have in mind.
We want to thank our subscription clients for their suggestions, input and feedback which enables us to develop and plan these kinds of new features and site user enhancements.

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