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Video gives buyers orientation to Global Store

This week we added a new introductory video to the front (home) page of the LicenseQuote website. The new LicenseQuote Buyers Intro video gives music supervisors and licensing buyers coming to our site a brief welcome message and orientation to using the Global Store to find music, register, save favorites to their projects, get license quotes, send inquiries and complete the licensing purchase process.

The Buyers intro video can be viewed on the front page or directly at YouTube at this link:
There it can be viewed in a larger screen size which may help some viewers see more details on the video images.

For buyers using English as a second or third (non-native) language, or still learning English, we’ll post a transcript of the video’s audio as heard from the voice over script. This way they can read all the sections (slides) in the video, and copy & paste any portion(s) to a translation engine to help them better understand the context of the video presentation. This may also be useful to our international (foriegn language) publishing clients who may wish to further review the contents of this video.

Note: The numbers below correspond to the slides (image transistions) used in the video, so you’ll get an idea of each slide’s audio presentation context.

01 If you’re a music supervisor, creative director, media editor or licensing buyer, you can use the LicenseQuote Global Store to

02 find music and get instant quotes, request custom pricing, negotiate deals and license directly from a large network of professional music publishers and libraries.

03 Global store registration is quick, free, and gives you access to save music in your account to favorites or projects.

04 You can search by selecting from any or all publishers,

05 Type of song, source of composition,

06 and optionally sort by featured, alphabetical, most played or recently added. After selecting any of these filters, you can browse the tracks and click to play them and review the descriptions and other track properties.

07 You can further drill down your search by entering any combination of words in the keywords search box. Usually two or three words to describe the genre, mood, style, or instrument will provide the best results.

08 When you find tracks you like, you can save them to favorites or a custom-labeled project folder.

09 To license a track, click the license button on the player.

10 This opens the license page which lets you select a license type,

11 enter a short description of your project, check the calculated price, then click the Purchase button to continue the purchase process.

12 A Review and Purchase page appears which lets you select the payment method, check the agreement, and click the Purchase button, which opens the payment gateway, where you can use any major credit card or other available payment method.

13 After your payment is completed, you’ll be returned to the store where you’ll find the purchased license on the Licenses page. Clicking the “View” button for the track you licensed, opens the

14 License summary page, where you can instantly download the track’s audio master file, licensing agreement, and receipt. When logged in to your store, you always have access to your

15 saved Projects page, where you can also manage “Multiple tracks license inquiries”,

16 pending and all previously purchased licenses on the Licenses page,

19 and Profile page to manage your account details and change your password if needed.

20 On behalf of all music publishers, libraries and the LicenseQuote management, we welcome you to get a free Global Store account and start using this dynamic resource to save time, money, and enhance your music licensing productivity.

We are pleased to provide this video resource to introduce all music supervisors, creative directors, production editors and licensing buyers coming to our site, (as well as our publishing clients) with a clear orientation how the LicenseQuote Global Store works to benefit them in their every-day music business and licensing needs.

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