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Correct audio file links usage

This article is for publishers using their licensing store with the ‘Use Your Storage’ plan or audio files linking option. Some advice, examples and tips are provided to ensure that your audio files will have the correct URL address (link) format to work in your store, and correctly appear and play in your store’s waveform player.

If you are using your own storage server, please use this URL link format to your files:
Master files > (example)
Preview files > (example)

Important: You can not link to music or .aspx pages, but only directly to the actual audio files such as .wav and .mp3, etc.

Of course you can also place all your master files (AIF, AIFF or WAV) and MP3 preview files in the same directory, for example like this:

Master files >
Preview files >

We also recommend that you use a reliable domain hosting service which includes enough space and bandwidth to store all your audio files, and that you have an FTP connection (with appropriate software) to easily upload and manage all your audio files in one area.

Most domain services such as Godaddy, typically include or offer some basic shared hosting where you can upload and store your audio files, and then link to them. As long as you know where you uploaded your audio files, and are familiar with their names, you’ll be able to enter the links to them on the Tracks/Songs > Edit Track page in your account for each unique track in your catalog.

1. Your MP3 preview files should be encoded in CBR (constant bit rate) format instead of VBR (variable bit rate), to make sure it works in the store player.

2. Maximum audio file size is 150 MB.

3. Note, the LQ 15 FREE plan does not support AIF, AIFF or WAV files, only MP3 audio files.

4. Optionally, you can also provide additional protection to your Master files by entering a Username and Password which you’ve set up for the master files directory on your hosting server. In such case, be sure to use two directories, one only for the Master files which will be password protected and lets buyers download them only after their license purchase, and a preview files directory, where you’ll store your song’s MP3 preview files to be streamed for playing in the waveform player in your store.

Remember, the preview files must be MP3 (for streaming and playing purpose) and can optionally be watermarked by you (with rotating audible messages), for additional protection if  you wish.

After you’ve set up your links, be sure to test them to make sure they are working as intended in your licensing store.

Please note, you will be responsible for checking and maintaining all external song file links you set up. If you’ve set up the external audio file links correctly in your catalog, on the Edit Track page), they should play fine in your store and reliably deliver the Preview file plays to all your store visitors and licensing buyers.

If you still have a problem, please let us know (send email to LQ support) so we can check your link format and help you resolve any issues which may have occurred on your end.

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